Knitting Techniques : The I-Cord

The Knitted I-cord: “I” is for “Ingenious”

The venerable Elizabeth Zimmerman rediscovered and named the I-cord (the I-cord, called a “stay lace,” was mentioned in Victorian needlework manuals). The “I” stands for “idiot” because Ms. Zimmerman thought  the technique was so simple anyone could do it.

The I-cord is simply a tube knitted in the round with two double-pointed needles (I’ve done it with a long circular needle, too).

I-cordThe I-cord is one of those things in knitting that is endlessly useful. The technique is somewhat idiot-proof, once you get the hang of it, and it’s also really mindless knitting—the I-cord is something to do in front of the TV or with a good audio book on board for sure!

Here’s a quickie tutorial:

With a double-pointed needle, cast on the desired number of stitches, 3 is a good number. *Without turning the needle, slide the stitches to other end of the needle, pull the yarn around the back, and knit the stitches as usual; repeat from * for desired length.

(The illustration above shows knitting the stitches after you’ve slid the them to the other end of the needle.)

Here’s a really easy Vickie Howell video tutorial (check out her way-cool tatt on her arm!):

I’ve worked a short I-Cord, as a real illustration. I’m a Lefty Knitter, so it’s going to be opposite of what the above illustration shows, but I tried to duplicate it as closely as possible; you get the idea.


These are great for making a tie for a poncho, eyelet closure for a knitted blouse (stay lacing) or strings for a cap.

Reminds me of my elementary school days when I first learned how to make a Daisy Chain with dandelions 🙂


Lace Rib Bath Set

The snow began to fall well after we went to bed.  Weather alerts kept my cellphone constantly tweeting as new incoming text alerts arrived.  What did we do before there were cellphones?

I got a message from a fellow Ravelry knitter, inquiring about a stitch I hadn’t yet heard of or tried. I did a search and found a cute Lace Rib Bath Set by Maile Mauch.

I started on the washcloth last night, as a demo for her, and to see if it was the stitch in question she was needing help with. The pattern went fast, but I had to rippit 3 times, once for a dropped stitch  in the middle of a decrease, and the other 2 times because I was distracted and missed a decrease, thereby throwing the pattern off. Easy to fix though, I had them reworked before lights-out.

Lace Rib Washcloth

I found a neat free Bernat long cable vest pattern I’m going to need yarn for, just what I’ve been looking for. I’ll look at Joann’s for the Fern color and add to my Wish List.

Bernat Long Cable Vest

The snow seems to have slowed down, the storm has moved across the lake.

Good News! DH finally got both monitors working together at once! I got him a new 21″ Dell Widescreen LCD Monitor for Christmas, and he was blown away! Eager to get back working on his Wacom and get some art projects going, it took on a whole new meaning to the phrase, “sleepless nights”…

Igor and I are content to just hang out~

Blair Stitch Project | Mommy Socks

I started my second pair of socks~ I had some  Bernat Baby Jacquards Berries and Cream yarn left over from Baby Rhonda’s assorted booties and hatties I made for her last April. Preemie knits take absolutely no yarn to make and I have nearly a whole ball left.

The pattern is easy, and was taken from a 1950 World Editions Magazine, Knit ‘n’ Purl (cover missing) Men’s Cable Socks, page 27. I’m going to gift them to my oldest daughter, so she can have matching “Mommy Socks” like her baby girl’s!

Blair Stitch Socks

Blair Stitch Socks

Blair Stitch Project

Blair Stitch Project -I see Spooky Socks

I have been itching to learn cable knit, so that when I’m ready, I can make this sweater:

Long Textured Cardigan-Mary Maxim

Long Textured Cardigan Item Nos. 4819, 4820

I’m tempted to get the kit (Starlett yarn and pattern)-at only $29.99 + $9.95 S & H, that’s a great deal for a long knit cardigan.

I’m also eyeballing this pattern:

Cabled Hoodie Item No. 4803

Cabled Hoodie Item Nos. 4803, 4804


back to meh socks, going to have to bone up on cable twist, right, left, upside-down, every-which-way-but-loose techiques!

Teh To-Do List keeps getting longer, and lonnnnger and lonnnnnnnnnnger!


KDTV Eunny Jang Knits

I have been fascinated by the knitting techniques of  Interweave KDTV’s Eunny Jang, and wanted to learn more-she made it look so effortless!

I watched several videos and was mesmerized as I watched her fingers fly. Then something clicked like a light switch turned on.  She is incredibly fast, but oddly, that didn’t bother me like some of the videos I had seen. So, I picked up a pair of knitting needles, a ball of scrap yarn, and sat down to try and attempt her technique.

The first hurdle I had to overcome was the most obvious: I’m a Lefty. But as I picked up my yarn, and mimicked her method of wrapping and knitting, the most incredible thing happened. It felt RIGHT! For the first time since I have picked my knitting back up after 30+ years, the stitches fell into place without a hitch.

I kept going, until I had a length of knitting, and was surprised to find that I had not dropped a single stitch, not once. The whole technique flowed together and the stitches were easily executed, like never before. Now when I read about the benefits of knitting on the tips, this is exactly what that refers to. Also, I find that I am only knitting from the wrists, not using my whole arm to “throw the yarn”, and causing less fatigue, much easier.

I highly recommend that anyone starting out watch her videos on InterweaveVideos. The following video is a demo of Jogless stripes and can be viewed by clicking this YouTube linke:

It may not be the right technique for everyone; we all have our own individual style. But for me, this works!

I’m heading upstairs to work on my second pair of socks, and already I can see how much faster this pair will go! Pics and updates to follow 🙂


New Video Link : Cable Knit Stitch

As a subscribed member of Knitting Daily, I have been enjoying the wealth of informative tips, tricks and video instructions, to help me along with my newfound love of knitting.

The next video is an excellent visual aid for learning cable stitch (left or right, front or back)

Knitting a Basic CAble -KDTV with Eunny Jang

Join Knitting Daily Today! for all of the Interweave Videos. tips, tricks and invaluable resourses to make your projects a success!

Have fun!


My First Socks- FINISHED!

I finished my first EVER pair of socks, WHOOHOO!

My First Socks

My First Socks

They were a nice, simple project for my first attempt, and it looks as thought there is almost enough yarn leftover to make another pair!  OH and I love the feel, and they fit perfectly!

There’s always that little bit of let-down after completing a project, it’s like the moments after Thanksgiving dinner- when it’s all over and you are looking around like, “what just happened?”

Orders are done, Mr. is taking the weekend off again, so I’m off  for the evening too.  He’ll have to get cracking Monday morning to get these orders ready to go out, his bin is overflowing!

Going to go see about starting dinner and then dive into another project. 😀

Have a beautiful weekend!


My First Socks- This time it's Serious~.

I took 2 days off from knitting to prove a point.

NO, I’m not “obsessed” and YES, I CAN quit anytime I want.  I choose not to, so DH will have to deal with my “obsession”.  Besides, it’s good therapy,  I am keeping busy in my down-time and not pestering DH to fix the mailbox that’s been broke since last October when some drunks mowed it down. …I miss not getting a paper on Sunday.

I have been busy actually, with other duties and priorities.

I think it’s safe to go back in the water again-I haven’t knit a single stitch in two whole days, and I’ve actually spoken with another human being once or twice, in order to prove I’m not so deep into my knitting that I cannot communicate above an occassional grunt or “uh-huh” 🙂

SO, today, I’m finishing my sock (foot) and if I play my cards right, might even get to the toe-I’m only about 1 ” from beginning my toe decs. so yeah I can do this!

I just don’t understand how or why one persons “obsession” becomes a problem. I am having fun, what’s the harm in that? I’m being creative, I’m happy doing this, and studies have shown that people need something to occupy their hands and minds during quiet restful times, so that they can function better during a normal work routine. Stress levels are reduces, and there’s a certain sense of accomplishment involved when you can complete a task successfully.

Maybe I am “obsessed”. I digress- I recognize that I have OCD. Never mind the fact there are dozens of varieties of OCD, the fact that I recognize my shortcomings and idiosynchricities. This is my way of handling my OCD, by doing one thing at a time, whatever that thing happens to be at the time, that preoccupation which my brain says it needs to finish, in order to “file” all my thoughts in proper order.

When I am sitting down in a quiet room knitting, it takes my mind away from other thoughts which generate anxiety. It’s like steering your car through a car stress-test drive site pylon pattern-when you focus on one thing, and leave out all outside stimulus, then you are able to accomplish that one thing flawlessly-

Which brings to mind driving while talking on a cellphone. There is no way in this lifetime, my brain could handle this! So it is irritating to me to see others doing it-maybe I’m jealous of their adeptness at thinking and doing two different things? I think NOT! Too many times, we’ve found ourselves in life-altering compromises with other drivers who are talking on a cellphone while making a calculated turn, lane-change, parking or intersection decision.

Wait! Maybe THEY have OCD too and just don’t realize it!! 😀

YIPPY SKIPPY!!  I’m at the toe now, and ready to Kitchener ‘er up!!! Hopefully I’ll have a picture posted of me modeling my TWO SOCKS by weeks’ end!

Back to our regularly scheduled programming.


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