Take a Ride in my Magic Radio Flyer

It’s going on 10pm and is a muggy 73° outside. A heat advisory is in effect until Thursday, Aug 12, 9:00 PM. I’m postponing my morning walks until next week, just to be safe. My walking buddy is still going.

I got a call from our neighbors last Sunday morning; they were out for a Sunday drive when they ran across 2 childrens’ wagons near Palmyra. I hoped in the Blazer and headed out to look for them. I found them in an older couples’ front yard, chained to a tree along-side some garden tools and a very nice handled crock.

They had two wagons; one was a Radio Flyer #18, the other was a Blue Atlas. The Atlas really caught my eye, but was in sad shape with much rust, while the Radio Flyer was in good condition, albeit with a newer paint job on the wheels. I’m pretty sure the inside was also re-painted at some point.

This view shows the Radio Flyer with a cactus my Mom had originally planted in a similar Radio Flyer, back in 1968-69. I will have to dig out the photos of the wagon where it was once parked at the Old Homestead, for comparison.

Radio Flyer #18 classic red wagon

The wagon will serve a dual purpose: ease of transport to and from the garage in late Fall, and again in early Spring when we bring it back outside again. DH is going to drill a couple more holes (it has 2 holes in it now) and seal-coat them for added protection from further rusting.

I’ve started another Woodland Lace Doily, for myself, this time. This is one of my favorite little doilies, and will go under my Tiffany lamp, when done. Then I’ll start on a Halloween theme doily.

This is last year’s Halloween Black Cats Doily; I made two, one for myself and a pink one for my oldest daughter, CJ.

What shall I do next….a Spider Web Doily? This one was gifted to my next-door neighbor-she’s the life of the party every Halloween, putting on a spectacular show for all the neighborhood Trick or Treaters~

Tomorrow promises to be hotter than today. It will be a good excuse not to go outside, but remain indoors, working on a doily or Nancy’s socks, whichever strikes my mood~


Good Night, Sweet Car, well it’s time to go~

Today will be the last time we’ll get to drive Sis’s Zoom Car for a while. I suspect DH polished and cleaned it up too good, and she will banish any thoughts of selling it now…*cry

DH and I had fun with it, just the same. We definitely will want to take it off her hands, if ever she decides she is tired of it…

This morning, I got a first-hand look at the Grandmother of all Deer Flies. Our area has been inundated with them this summer, the worse in recent years. They have prevented us from taking evening walks, as they pester Igor relentlessly and bite him viciously on the nose, causing large welts to appear. Sometimes 5 or more will buzz his head as we head out and will not leave until we return and hide in the garage. A few bold ones have ventured into the garage, only to be swatted by DH. But they persist to torment us.

This one was in a Death Spin when Igor found it on the back deck yesterday morning. Hideous thing was spinning around on it’s back, scared the carp out of me once as it spun out of control toward my bare foot, until it finally spun itself between  the boards, and fell through. Good riddance!!

I have finally connected all the rose motifs for Sharon’s Blue Girl Rose Parade Doily. She is still recouperating from day 2 after surgery and from what her DH said, was in a great deal of discomfort. We suspect it will be Wednesday before she is released. That gives me enough time to complete the doily before she comes home.

Sharon's Rose Rows

Time to take the Zoom Car back…. I will miss you, Mitzi….

Excuse me Waiter, there’s a Hole in my Blog….

The Lilies are blooming. I so love these, but they hide behind mountains of Purple Echinacea and Monarda, that I have to walk around back of the garden to see them. That’s ok, the deer missed them too and they will give me a few days of eye candy.

I haven’t blogged in days, I’m a little behind, but we’ve been hitting the hay so early these past couple weeks-10:30 again last night. DH was feeling cranky, his foot is giving him more trouble again. I just WISH he’d go get it taken care of….he’s sick of not feeling good, I’m sick of him not feeling good, it goes on, and on………………..siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.

Got back from a 3 mile walk a little while ago-was brisk and chilly at 63 and cloudy when we left, felt SO GOOD. Coming back 50 minutes later, it’s feeling a bit smarmy, the wind had died down too.

We’ve got some running around to do today; shower, then head out to Target for some new gym shoes for DH and look at a Radio Flyer wagon for my Cactus from Hell. I want the one with the wooden sides, to keep the top-heavy cactus from falling over. It’s ginormous and must weigh 50 lbs at least.

I got another round done on the Doily-will post a picture in Rav. shortly, but here’s where I ‘m at. It’s not done, only about 50% right now, there’s a whole ‘nother area of background, then the circle of rose motifs.

It’s not blocked yet, looks a mess. but I was able to flatten it out some on the scanner, enough to get the idea~

…the blue for the two-tone roses isn’t floating my boat, what do you think about a soft pink instead?  Maybe the Wood Violet for the center, and a solf pink for the outter petals. Yep, that’s the ticket!

Hope you have a lovely day,  some sunshine in between the clouds. Here’s a little sunshine I found peeking out from under my hoya carnosa, a pleasant surprise!

A Young Woman Spreads Her Wings

What is it about knitting that brings one back to center. I guess you have to be a devout Knitter to be able to answer that one. Today was pretty stressful, and I found comfort in my knitting, as I usually do.

And when I’m not knitting (or working),  I’m out working in my gardens, yanking weeds, or taking a 3-mile walk with the neighbor. Those are the things that can really clear one’s head.

This afternoon, I sat outside and enjoyed the rays of a warm sun while working on my Drops “Alaska” jacket, and as one friend said, my needles were smokin’! I’m really liking the colors as they come together; it reminds me of a Pendleton or Hudson Bay Trader-style blanket, and will be very warm. The only part that bothers me is the 2-stitch garter edge; I’m not very good at weaving in such small areas, and the front borders are sadly showing my lack of expertise. Thankfully, the crochet border will hide all that, later. For now, I’m enjoying the play of colors as my jacket evolves from a basket of yarns, into the layers that will define the style.

DH and I had fun grilling out night before last. The weather was absolutely perfect, a cool 68.  We made Grilltop Burritos while watching a spectacular sunset off in the distance.


I took a picture of a new wildflower that emerged in our gardens this year-Sweet Cicely, Myrrhis odorata. It smells like anise when you break a stem. There are many uses for it, most of which are uses in fruit salads and ice cream. I wonder how it would fare in my biscotti?

The Wild Phlox is absolutely gorgeous now, and it’s coming up EVERYWHERE! This year seems to favor the wildflowers.

Nats was gearing up for her solo flight (first car trip) to Indianapolis to see her brothers and sister, and assorted nieces and nephew. Tonight DH commented on her absence, and go figure, just when I was blogging about it….we are definitely feeling her absence tonight. Even though she’s normally not around much anyway, just knowing she’s not close by is enough to feel the void.

We are thinking about you out there, FreeBird  Nats. Spread your wings and fly high, fly free and enjoy these days~ we love you and miss your familiar presence tonight.


Today it was warm enough to go TOPLESS! …yeah, I thought that would get your attention!

I re-potted our 11 year-old Norfolk Pine today.

Norfolk Pine, 11 yrs old

It was just starting to send out new green tips, but the pot was so tiny, it was beginning to look top-heavy.

Please send good karma- The Norfolk, she could use a little help from her Green-thumb Friends!

We went to Ben Franklin Crafts today, it was a nice ride to Delavan. I picked up four more skeins of the Red Heart Super Saver Camouflage, 3 of which had the same dye lot. The fourth won’t make a big difference, and I’ll save it for the very last of the construction.

I am thinking of adding a couple more things to my Shine-On Vest: along with a contrasting placket  front, I’m thinking of adding sleeves, and maybe a hood. Together, DH and I picked out a nice neutral buff color for the front placket and hood I’m going to work on after the vest is done.

I’m picturing the neckline looking a little like this:

Camo Coordinates

I guess it won’t be a vest after I’m finished reconstructing it, will it?

Tonight is a FULL MOON, so howl like there’s no tomorrow and have a hauntingly beautiful evening!

The Woods Are Alive With The Sounds of Birdies!

Last night was just a taste of what we saw today. As we took the recycle and trash pins to the street, I mentioned to DH how the woods smelled so good and almost sweet with the perfume of the black locusts, even though they are nowhere near to budding, yet. It was a clean smell, not the nasty rot of late Fall. It felt good to be outside without a coat on.

This morning, as I was letting Igor out to potty, I stood on the front porch with DD19, and we both listened to the cacaphone of sounds from the trees-birds of every species seemed to have arrived, virtually overnight. A robin buzzed overhead, while the flickers cackled hilariously in the trees above us.

On the way back from town, we saw two beautiful, yet frightening sights;  we barely missed a Mourning Cloak Butterfly as we neared our house.

*Used with permission of  www.northrup.org/

Before we left, DH spotted a Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly in our Shed Garden, and I mentioned how early it was for them to return, almost too soon I thought. If it snows later this week, it may not amount to anything, but I have this incredible urge to go out and hang the Hummer Feeders; I have a feeling they aren’t far from returning.

A friend in GA says she just saw a pair pf Baltimore Orioles on their way out. They will migrate north to the Eastern states, and some will end up in our area, but not for another 4-6 weeks, according to past notes I’ve jotted in my Field guide.

Zebra Swallowtail 2008 Copyright © Sandra Schwab

I’ve finished Hunter’s Camo Hat. I really like the Red Heart Super Saver colorway, “Camouflage” and glad I bought extra-I’m thinking about what to cast on next-perhaps a vest for myself?

Hunter’s Camo Hat
From Little Turtle Knits, the Mary Jane’s Pithy Hats : Elizabethtown Hat Pattern
Back to work, Pithy you lather~ LOL!

Our Fave Nursery is GONE! :*(

We went over to our Fave nursery down on Pleasant Lake Rd. only to find it chained off and a Keefe Realty sign out front…what happened???

I need to get Roma tomatoes, basil and parsley for my Italian container garden, and some Margarita’s for the front porch. They always look so pretty draped over the rail.

Guess we’ll have to check out Lowes next week, and maybe the weather will stay warm now… looks like more of the same this week, as last. Rain and 60’s to low 7o’s during the day, and low 50’s at night.  At this rate, DH will not get the deck stained until late June-the temps at night have to remain above 60, or the stain won’t dry properly. And if he doesn’t stain, I don’t get to put anything out on the deck.

Soon it will be too late for my container gardens. I’ll have to come up with something out by the Shed Garden 🙂

The Shed Garden

The Shed Garden - Watch out Miss Pepper, the Iron Heron will get you!

So, today, I moved all the cacti out front at the front door. They will get enough sun to flourish, and if they’re happy, maybe even bloom this year.  🙂

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