Relocation and Starting Fresh (again)

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has been following this blog. I started Sandra’s Garden Gate back in a time when a family member who I trusted with my deepest inner thoughts, felt some posts was a bit too candid. Feeling I had been misread, I skulked off to decide which direction to go in next. I needed to “start fresh”, without fear of criticism or unjust retribution from those who would judge me based on one mis-read blog post. ONE POST! It’s been two and a half years, and I’ve finally found the strength to move on, to stop spending precious energies on wasted emotions. My blogs have continued to be a part of me, and I want to continue, if not for my kids (if they are reading any of this), then for myself. It’s all a part of healing, to be able to say what is on one’s mind, fearless to others’ opinions. I will keep this one open, until I find a need for it again. Maybe it will become a dedication page, or a crochet blog. If you are following my blogs, please feel free to join me and bookmark back to my ORIGINAL blog: My Many Twisted Stitches. Please drop me a line over there, to say HI! and let me know you found me and still care~ Have a Beautiful Winter Solstice and a Happy New Year!


Spirit of the Southwest Shawl, Speaking from the Heart

Yesterday I took a picture of my stepdaughter, modeling the shawl a dear friend in Australia made me~ isn’t it a bit uncanny, I had her on my mind all evening after that, only to receive such tragic news today – she wrote in an email, twin grandbabes, lost at 8.5 and 9.5 weeks…I just cannot imagine the heartbreak upon learning such devastating news…my heart hurts, I cannot be there to hug her and comfort her….
E. is such a sweet girl, I knew she would appreciate the love and workmanship that went into the shawl’s making, and would be the perfect model for this Spirit of the Southwest Shawl by Evelyn Clark. I am dedicating this blog post to my dear Sister in Australia, Lindy.
We both commented on how wonderful it smelled as we nuzzled it’s softness-we both said almost at the same time, “If this is what Australia would smell like, we want to go there!!!”
Sending warmest thoughts and white light to you, dear one….may there be peace and comfort for all involved, soon…♥♥♥