For all you Dog Lovers out there,

Merry Christmas, from Igor!


Igor, aka Smiling Boy




Baby Rhonda’s Wisconsin Winter Socks

I spent the evening outside with DH, knitting up a baby sock-start to finish, in record time~

I started Baby Rhonda’s Wisconsin Winter Socks last night, cast on and did about 3 rows of ribbing, then put it down until morning.

Next day, 7 am sharp:

I picked up where I left off on the Baby Rhonda’s Sock, worked on it for about 2 hours, turned the heel and never looked back.

It was way too windy to go for a walk, and the temps alone would have put us in hypothermia from the drastic change. I was content to stay in; the wind drives me nuts.

By 9pm, orders were packed and work was done, so while DH heated up some chili, I set to task on the sock foot, and finally the toe was in sight~

Later that night (2 hours later):
We have Baby Rhonda’s Sock #1!

Igor is glad it’s cooler out-he has his SpoiledBratzwear jacket back~

Igor's Jacket by SpoiledBratzwear

The Sentinel

Prince Igor LOVES his new jacket. We had it made by SpoiledBratzwear, they make doggy apparel for Mini-Greyhounds, so this was a new experience for her! Holly is a pet wellness consultant, and dog rescuer,  Dog Mom, and also has a website:

Igor's new jacket

It’s been cool enough for Igor to wear his jacket in the mornings, on walks, and just for sporting in general. If the temps stay below 68, he wears it all day. He’s even worn it to bed a couple times.

Auntie Holly made him a matching stuffed toy we call his “Funny Bone”.

Igor was on high alert again tonight. And it wasn’t long before we found out why. Across the pond, there was a ruckus; one of the resident geese apparently met an unfortunate end, at the jaws of hungry coyotes. The yip-yip chorus announced that dinner time had commenced.

Being the Protector that he is, he came in and ate all his Yums, then proceeded to terrorize Dad for his own amusement, as though saying, “It’s ok, I’m here now!”

At which time he went inside and had a Teddy Bear Moment.

My Funny Bone

My Funny Bone

Merry Christmas from the Poodles

We’d like to share a  cute Christmas video by Poodle Pride of Bristol, WI and their Working Dogs. Enjoy!

Thank you Jeanne Marie and Merry Christmas to you all! Smooches from Igor!!!

Merry Christmas from the Poodles

Teddy Bear Love and SnowShoe Time

Igor has a Teddy Bear Moment, amongst all his things.

Igor thought it so cold outside tonight, he had to have a “Teddy Bear Moment” when he got back inside…the snow hurts his feeties something awful- I have to get the towel out and rub down his legs as soon as he came in after a romp in the snow…

Igor clears the way for the UPS Guy

Teddy Bear makes everything all right~

"I love my Teddy Bear"

Days of Wine and Greek Oregano

Today was probably the most perfect day we’ve had all summer.

Woke up at 7:30am and lay there thinking about our morning walk  we’d be taking shortly,  and finally drug myself out of bed at 8:24 to begin the routine: get dressed, wet and pick out hair, put the coffee pot on and then downstairs to grab a plastic bag and paper towel, feed Miss Pepper because she won’t shut up unless her food bowl is adequately filled. Put shoes on, go back upstairs to retrieve cell phone, (because you never know, I could fall and break a leg and would have to send Igor back to get help, and he would probably stop to play with every dog in the neighborhood on his way back to get help. Or worse, he’d go home and con dad into a Biscotti and not bother to tell him where I might be laying in a heap….)

Phone in pocket, I throw on my flannel, mainly to hide the bag which will be hanging from my belt loop. I can also flail it about to fend off the pesky deer flies we usually encounter along our journey.

On the road by 9am, we head up the hill, where the sun has yet to crest over the trees-it’s  a cool walk and we don’t work up a sweat, even on the uphill side. Coming back, we can pick up the pace on the downhill, and the coffee pot is really sounding like a good idea when we get back!

There are a few new people in the neighborhood, and we always get a smile from the ones who haven’t met Igor yet. Most recognize his breed, and only yesterday, I had one person ask what breed is he? To which I replied, “he’s a Standard Poodle, and not the French kind-he’s GERMAN!” They have to repeat his name a few times, while chuckling. “Igor…EEeeeeeee-Gor!” hehehee!

I received a pail full of Greek Oregano from the neighbors next door-they were cleaning around their beds, and asked if I’d like to have some for our gardens, which I gladly said YES to. So this afternoon, after I got all our orders packed and my work caught up, I headed outside with a hearty TGIF!!

I dug in and began cleaning out a bunch of  Purple Coneflowers from around my tomato and pepper planters, so they could get more sunlight. The resulting pile of flowers was so beautiful, I gathered them up and put them in a pile in the next-door neighbors’ yard, where they would surely find them before going in for the day. Sure enough, after I went in I got a lovely email from her, exclaiming how she loved the flowers almost more than chocolate, and they brightened her day!

DH made me a new hair toy today! He’s got a bunch of walnut scraps his dad brought over, and we’ve been getting requests for double prong shawl pins, so he’s been working on a few ideas. He handed me the prototype, and I was instantly in love with the primitive design and color~ the mineral oil really brought the wood alive~

I like things simple, no foo-foo for me-me ~

Walnut Hair Fork

Walnut Hair Fork

I think we’re going to Stan’s Lumber tomorrow to get a new mailbox post, YIPPY SKIPPY! Owait, I better hold off on the Yippy until we actually HAVE the post-then I can get real excited when we are closer to having our mailbox back up and repaired 🙂

I read a news article from back home, in the SacBee today, which made YAHOO news:

Sacramentan buys old vinyl 45s, finds out they were his mom’s

What were the chances of that happening???

At the end of a beautiful day, I am thinking I will sleep good tonight, for a change. And be up early tomorrow to take DD to work at 9am. Our morning walk will happen when we return, if it’s  not raining…




We got Igor a new Frisbee for his Birthday, and he LOVES it!!!

….new satellite receiver

Igor's New Look - Flower Face

Ground Control to Major Igor....

He loves that he can see through the hole in the middle while carrying it back. The Boy is walking on air with his new toy!!

He totally ripped the other one in half over time, not intentionally~ it got a crack one day when it was cold outside and came down on it’s side on the driveway…from then on, it was Igor’s mission in life to try and pull it apart any way possible!

He’s got holes punched in this one already, a cheapo knockoff we got at the Pet Store.

He is a Happy   chasing his new frisbee all over Creation, he sure will sleep good tonight~

*We also gave him a pig ear, his favorite treat-you don’t want to see that, though… 😉

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