Knitting Instructional Video and Gloves that Heal!

Jeanne from Jimmy Beans Wool demonstrates How To Do a Russian Join while Knitting. Jimmy Beans Wool is your LYS… online!

I’m going to use this technique on my Agatha Cardigan pattern I just purchased. It’s one-piece reversible construction looks really exciting. I’m thinking I’ll use Plymouth Encore Tweed, Grey Heather T781. I purchased it from Ben Franklin Crafts a while back, not quite sure what I was going to use it for, but this might work out great for a mid-weight sweater, after I’ve re-calculated the gauge.

Agatha Cardigan
Agatha Cardigan closeup
Agatha Cardigan

DD19 just called to tell me they canceled the get-together at 2 Seasons Bowling Alley, too foggy tonight, making driving hazardous. I’m glad she decided not to go, but now I have these batches of FUDGE I was going to gift. OFUDGE! now I will have to eat it all or see if I can freeze it for later.

I am thinking of trying these gloves for Winter Hands; they sound perfect for moisturizing and protecting from dryness. Check back for reviews.

Peacel, Light and Love~ knit warm and stay happy!

Our Winter Solstice Tree

Mattress Stitch: A Knitter’s Best Friend – Knitting Daily

I got this newsletter email today and thought I’d share this, in celebration of our getting our new mattress set tomorrow 🙂
Mattress Stitch: A Knitter’s Best Friend – Knitting Daily Newsletter

Mattress Stitch Made Easy

One of my favorite knitters, Kathy Veeza ( a.k.a “Grumperina”), wrote a wonderful article in the spring 2008 Knitscene (which you can get on CD now!), all about seaming. This is just the mattress stitch portion, so check out the entire article on the Knitscene 2007-2009 Collection CD.

… a good example of how mattress stitch works as well on ribbing and moss stitch as it does on stockinette stitch (and garter stitch, and seed stitch, and whatever stitch you’re working with!).

Step 1 Step 2
With the right side of the knitting facing you, use a threaded needle to pick up 1 bar between the first 2 stitches on one piece, then the corresponding bar plus the bar above it on the other piece (Step 1). *Pick up the next 2 bars on the first piece, then the next 2 bars on the other (Step 2). Repeat from * to the end of the seam, finishing by picking up the last bar (or pair of bars) at the top of the first piece.

Finished seam. To bring the seam together, simply pull gently on the yarn and the seam will tighten up and disappear.

The secret to streamlined seams is always working mattress stitch from the same vertical column. Never veer to the right or left of the seaming line—the stitch adjacent to the seam should be fully visible from base to top along the whole seam. If you veer into that stitch or farther away from it as you seam, your seam will zigzag in a distracting way. When seaming a sleeve into an armhole, make sure to follow this rule on the body pieces.

KnitWiki~ Community-Run Encyclopedia

You should see all they have to offer: new articles, knitting patterns and stitch patterns, as well as the Community Portal where it all begins!

Signup is free and only takes a moment.  I’m in there under my RAV ID: ManyHorsesMane.

See a full list of categories for each topic. You will find articles and patterns listed within each category.

C’mon! Get yourself noticed!

Fingerless Gloves for the Mail Lady~

I’m starting a new project, hopefully for a Christmas Gift for our Mail Carrier. My Ribby Slippers will have to wait, I’m in no hurry and the holidays are fast approaching as it’s now the beginning of November. Where does the time go?

I’m going to try a new pattern from Patternworks, using Plymouth Yarn, Baby Alpaca D.K. Baby Blue 4148  and was the first Monthly Club kit.



Baby Alpaca D.K.

The pattern is worked on #5’s needles, I’m going to adapt the pattern to work in the round instead. I’m using the Estonia Cast-on, as it creates a pretty decorative edge.

It’s getting late and I want to cast on before going to bed tonight~

Later, Gator!


New Video Link : Cable Knit Stitch

As a subscribed member of Knitting Daily, I have been enjoying the wealth of informative tips, tricks and video instructions, to help me along with my newfound love of knitting.

The next video is an excellent visual aid for learning cable stitch (left or right, front or back)

Knitting a Basic CAble -KDTV with Eunny Jang

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Have fun!