Knitting Instructional Video and Gloves that Heal!

Jeanne from Jimmy Beans Wool demonstrates How To Do a Russian Join while Knitting. Jimmy Beans Wool is your LYS… online!

I’m going to use this technique on my Agatha Cardigan pattern I just purchased. It’s one-piece reversible construction looks really exciting. I’m thinking I’ll use Plymouth Encore Tweed, Grey Heather T781. I purchased it from Ben Franklin Crafts a while back, not quite sure what I was going to use it for, but this might work out great for a mid-weight sweater, after I’ve re-calculated the gauge.

Agatha Cardigan
Agatha Cardigan closeup
Agatha Cardigan

DD19 just called to tell me they canceled the get-together at 2 Seasons Bowling Alley, too foggy tonight, making driving hazardous. I’m glad she decided not to go, but now I have these batches of FUDGE I was going to gift. OFUDGE! now I will have to eat it all or see if I can freeze it for later.

I am thinking of trying these gloves for Winter Hands; they sound perfect for moisturizing and protecting from dryness. Check back for reviews.

Peacel, Light and Love~ knit warm and stay happy!

Our Winter Solstice Tree

99 Little Doilies, Bookmarks to Crochet~

I just received my copy of 99 Little Doilies By Patricia Kristoffersen, and I’m positively in awe of all the cute designs!

99 Little Doilies to Crochet by Patricia Kristoffersen

This paperback book has 144 pages of patterns, color photos, and illustrations with comprehensive instructions for various unique stitch techniques, including: working in front, around or behind a stitch, free loops, working in center 3 loops of a stitch,  working in 2 legs of a stitch.

I also got this new book the other day

Reader's Choice Bookmarks by Leisure Arts #75069

and finished this cute Sunflower Bookmark, from the front cover:

Sunflower Bookmark

I’ve been crocheting for over 40 years, having first learned the basic stitches at age 10. I can thank my Mentor, Ethel Harvey, for inspiring me to crochet. I used to go over to her house as a child, on those long summer days and spent many hours under her gentle care and guidance. My mother was very grateful to have Ethel as someone I looked up to, I’m sure. It kept me out of trouble and very busy when school was out. I can also thank Ethel for my green thumb, my love of antiques, and also my collection of assorted greenhouse-variety cacti. I remember her house, a single-level bungalow on the end of a cul-de-sac. There, she tended nearly a half-acre of all manner of roses, trees, shrubs, vines and perennials. I even remember a Pitcher Plant by her front steps. The thing smelled rotten, but she showed me how it would collect rain water and flies would become trapped within it’s bloom, to be later ingested by the plant. I remember it looking like this:

Pitcher Plant

Someone who I once considered my best friend-no, my Mentor, once told me I should stick to crochet, in lieu of knitting. I wanted to expand my crafting talents and have had a long-time love of all things knit. In retrospect, I have spent probably a little more time than I should have, contemplating her statement and consequent decision to cut our friendship short, wondering why things happened as they did. I cannot come up with a single reason…so, no, I will keep knitting and learning new things, I enjoy it too much. But I will keep crocheting gifts, even though some of those things may hold some sad memories within their intricate knots.

We took a drive to the Spring for water today. It was a crisp, sunny 59 F at 5:30 pm, the sun low in the sky, nearly blinded DH. We saw one Whitetail rump disappear into the woods,  jsut as we were driving out of the Kettle Moraine area, on our way home. The woods always remind me of childhood memories of Placer County, CA. The twisty windy tree-lined roads,  the deep woods just beyond, the pine needles on the forest floor, whisper of secrets along darkening paths.

It’s Friday, Taco Night! I’m hungry, so I’ll scoot outta here and come back later with pictures of mine and DH’s Riders Edge experiences~you don’t want to miss it!

How long can you freeze food? | My Newest Coaster

Boning up on freezing times for most common foods found in your freezer.

How many times have you wondered, but could not find the information right at your fingertips, “How long can I keep that frozen rhubarb in the chest freezer before I have to pitch it?”

You already knew this, you say? Good for you then, you don’t have Alzheimer’s yet!!!

I don’t take the time to memorize stuff like this call me lazy. So it’s good to bone up on these things…I haven’t had to freeze large quantities for a long time, but with the price of groceries, it might be a viable option again. 🙂

How long can you freeze food? | Yahoo! Green

I finished another Coaster; this one is for my Riders Edge Instructor.I had fun with this one, but I wanted to smudge my crochet hook and bury it in the back yard, for fear I’d get warts or something equally as hideous….LOL!!

Chicago Bears Crochet Coaster

Open Windows by Shobha Govindan Leisure Arts #2395, Thread Coasters to Crochet

Next one, Green Bay colors~ GO PACK!


Back to Alaska, One Stitch at a Time

I’ve been itching to resume work on the Drops Alaska Jacket I started last spring, and here’s why…

About 2 weeks ago, I came to the startling realization I have been twisting my purl stitches. Once I discovered this faux pas, I immediately set about righting my wrongs, and in no time was back on track.

I previously had blogged that I had difficulties with the X portion of the Alaska pattern. Having ripped out the X’s twice, I finally adapted a two-handed knitting technique which I used to complete the pattern rows, while eliminating the pesky bunching that kept occurring. On the 3rd attempt, I finally got it to a more acceptable finish.

Then I discovered my error in the purls, and once I got to the second set of X’s, it became immediately apparent that this was the cause of my past issues-the twisted stitches were causing more tension on the rows, preventing the floating strands from stretching.

I’ve come to the second set of X’s and happy to say,  the pattern appears to be working out just fine now, no puckering at all.

I’m ready to gift the 5th Chemo Coaster of the Month to the next-door neighbor-she’s completed her 4th treatment this past week, and so I’ll check in on her tomorrow.

Scalloped Vs by Shobha Govindan

Leisure Arts #2395, Thread Coasters To Crochet

I purchased two new books and am anxious to get them. Amazon has the best deals!

Dainty Little Doilies (Leisure Arts #75016)

Reader’s Choice Bookmarks (Leisure Arts #75069)

Leisure Arts (Paperback – Feb 1, 2004)

I’m going for this one next and I believe that will do me for a while ~

99 Little Doilies (Leisure Arts #3228)


Fall has fell, and so are the temps-they’re talking deep frost tonight. I haven’t seen the Hummingbirds, and wish them a safe trip South for the Winter. I will miss my Little Girl, and look forward to her return next Spring.

There is a Walking Stick on the office window tonight, and he appears to be down for the night.


Baby Rhonda’s Wisconsin Winter Socks

I spent the evening outside with DH, knitting up a baby sock-start to finish, in record time~

I started Baby Rhonda’s Wisconsin Winter Socks last night, cast on and did about 3 rows of ribbing, then put it down until morning.

Next day, 7 am sharp:

I picked up where I left off on the Baby Rhonda’s Sock, worked on it for about 2 hours, turned the heel and never looked back.

It was way too windy to go for a walk, and the temps alone would have put us in hypothermia from the drastic change. I was content to stay in; the wind drives me nuts.

By 9pm, orders were packed and work was done, so while DH heated up some chili, I set to task on the sock foot, and finally the toe was in sight~

Later that night (2 hours later):
We have Baby Rhonda’s Sock #1!

Igor is glad it’s cooler out-he has his SpoiledBratzwear jacket back~

Igor's Jacket by SpoiledBratzwear

Chemo Coasters, Inspired by Nature

I’ve completed the 4th in a series of what I have dubbed the “Chemo Coasters” for my neighbor.

For every chemo session she completes, I am gifting her a different coaster. The first session out of the way, I gave her the first two I had completed. One I called the Bonus Round.  She immediately placed them on some glass shelves in her newly redecorated bathroom.

1st in the series Chemo Coaster of the Month for Sharon

Spring Buds by Shobha Govindan

Coneflowers and Blackeyed Susans, my inspiration~

Chemo Coasters#2-4 of the series

Tea Time by Shobha Govindan

Dainty Pineapples by Shobha Govindan

I worked up the 4th coaster for her second session today. She’ll undergo 2 treatments a month, and I plan to do one for each treatment completed.

Scalloped Vs by Shobha Govindan

Next month’s Chemo Coaster theme: Halloween. With that in mind, I’ve already started a doily for October.

Ravens For Halloween Doily

I recently ran across a doily made by a Yahoo member and immediately fell in love with it I researched and found an issue with the pattern, “Doves in Flight”.
Ravens For Halloween Doily | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

This one was made by catrazzy8 in a Halloween theme, perfect!
Ravens For Halloween Doily

I started on mine, and have got this far today. I’m going full-blown Halloween colors, per DH’s instructions 🙂

I also started on a pair of Wisconsin Winter Socks by Carol Anderson and Kristi Williams , as an added bonus for my friend who is undergoing chemo. I’m using Lion Brand Wool-Ease Multi and Print, colorway Autumn Print.

It is my hope that these socks will keep Ms. S’s. Crossing Guard feeties warm during our cold Wisconsin Winters, and to lessen the effects of the chemo.

Otherwise, DH and I are plugging along,  work is keeping us busy. Shawl pins are the current hot items, along with hat stick pins and hair sticks. Dh is working sometimes 5-6 hour stretches, to fill orders for the shawl sticks he makes by hand. We can already feel the holiday orders (*GASP!) beginning to pick up.

Tomorrow, the Walworth County Fair will be open, then school resumes for our kids, the following Tuesday.

Summer is coming to an end, let the Fall Festivities begin! 🙂

Doilies Inspired by Nature

Rose Parade Doily

I have always loved creating doilies from ideas that sprout from my perennial gardens.

Black-Eyed Susan, Purple Coneflower Coasters

Purple Coneflower (Echinacea) and Black-eyed Susans

Poinsettia (Pinwheel) Coaster

I recently ran across a doily by Kathryn White that just struck me as nearly the most perfect doily ever!

I have a beautiful Stargazer Lily that comes back every July, and have plans to put this on my To-Do list next!

In the meantime, I have a new WIP goal. My next-door neighbor will be beginning a series of chemotherapy sessions, beginning tomorrow.  I am going to make her a new coaster for each session she completes, and present them to her after each session, one at a time.

Maybe this will brighten those stressful days while she’s undergoing the chemo, while adding little accents to her glass shelves she is now assembling for a new wall-shhhhhhhhhhhh, Mum’s the word!! 😉

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