Autumnal Equinox, a Tale of Two Murderers

On this day, September 22, 1923, Myrtle Schaude confesses to the poisoning death of husband Edward, and the attempted poisoning of their 4 children. Was Autumnal Equinox to blame?

The Poison Widow: A True Story of Sin, Strychnine, and Murder (Wisconsin), by Linda Godfrey.

It sounds eerily familiar as in the case of Susan Smith, who murdered her two children in the name of love.. Mother Love, Deadly Love: The Susan Smith Murders
Susan Smith was born on September 26, 1971. Ironically, I’m not trying to find a correlation, but the facts become something akin to a Stephen King novel.

While I have not read any books that cover the story of Susan Smith, and only have a brief knowledge of the history of the case, and having no previous interest in the mechanisms behind a mother who kills her children,  I found the story of Myrtle Schaude strangely fascinating. I don’t know if it was the need to know what would cause a gentile Wisconsin woman of the early 20th century to go to such desperate lengths for the sake of love, or was it another case of strange crimes in Wisconsin that have caused eyebrows to raise?

I enjoyed reading this book by Linda Godfrey-her ability to hold the audience captive, without over-embellishing, made it one of those books that marks this author as one to revisit, again and again.

Today was DH’s birthday; my Beloved Egghead had a good day ♥♥♥

Sharon and Mike

Warren, The Birthday Boy, and Moi

Elliott Hundley at Andrea Rosen, NYC (April 2010)

Check out this artist’s work; the collages are made using our hat stick pin blanks, thousands of them~

It’s been a busy week-we’ve begun to see a surge in sales, particularly in our Shawl Pins. I suspect people are already gearing up for the Holidays, stock-piling for the mad rush on winter accessories.

DH was at the dentist yesterday; our lovely favorite Toothpicker, D, was on hand to tell me about her latest Netflix craze, Dexter: Season 1…so I updated my queue to get started on them too, for my winter programs.

I’m so out of sync with my blogging, they may appear random. OH! I finally got a new Canon Pixma MP560 color printer for the office; now I can print color patterns out again~ {happy dance!}

S. has completed her 3rd chemo session, so this is her next Chemo Coaster:

Dainty Pineapples by Shobha Govindan

Chemo Coaster of the Month-Dainty Pineapples

Looks like rain moving in later tonight, 48 for a low, good sleeping weather. Tomorrow is suppose to be a mix of rain and…….whatever, so hopefully, I can get out and do some yard cleanup around my perennial gardens.

DH mucking through remnants of last Spring's thaw

Hope you have a beautiful weekend, Happy Fall Craftin’!

Baby Rhonda’s Wisconsin Winter Socks

I spent the evening outside with DH, knitting up a baby sock-start to finish, in record time~

I started Baby Rhonda’s Wisconsin Winter Socks last night, cast on and did about 3 rows of ribbing, then put it down until morning.

Next day, 7 am sharp:

I picked up where I left off on the Baby Rhonda’s Sock, worked on it for about 2 hours, turned the heel and never looked back.

It was way too windy to go for a walk, and the temps alone would have put us in hypothermia from the drastic change. I was content to stay in; the wind drives me nuts.

By 9pm, orders were packed and work was done, so while DH heated up some chili, I set to task on the sock foot, and finally the toe was in sight~

Later that night (2 hours later):
We have Baby Rhonda’s Sock #1!

Igor is glad it’s cooler out-he has his SpoiledBratzwear jacket back~

Igor's Jacket by SpoiledBratzwear

Chemo Coasters, Inspired by Nature

I’ve completed the 4th in a series of what I have dubbed the “Chemo Coasters” for my neighbor.

For every chemo session she completes, I am gifting her a different coaster. The first session out of the way, I gave her the first two I had completed. One I called the Bonus Round.  She immediately placed them on some glass shelves in her newly redecorated bathroom.

1st in the series Chemo Coaster of the Month for Sharon

Spring Buds by Shobha Govindan

Coneflowers and Blackeyed Susans, my inspiration~

Chemo Coasters#2-4 of the series

Tea Time by Shobha Govindan

Dainty Pineapples by Shobha Govindan

I worked up the 4th coaster for her second session today. She’ll undergo 2 treatments a month, and I plan to do one for each treatment completed.

Scalloped Vs by Shobha Govindan

Next month’s Chemo Coaster theme: Halloween. With that in mind, I’ve already started a doily for October.

Ravens For Halloween Doily

I recently ran across a doily made by a Yahoo member and immediately fell in love with it I researched and found an issue with the pattern, “Doves in Flight”.
Ravens For Halloween Doily | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

This one was made by catrazzy8 in a Halloween theme, perfect!
Ravens For Halloween Doily

I started on mine, and have got this far today. I’m going full-blown Halloween colors, per DH’s instructions 🙂

I also started on a pair of Wisconsin Winter Socks by Carol Anderson and Kristi Williams , as an added bonus for my friend who is undergoing chemo. I’m using Lion Brand Wool-Ease Multi and Print, colorway Autumn Print.

It is my hope that these socks will keep Ms. S’s. Crossing Guard feeties warm during our cold Wisconsin Winters, and to lessen the effects of the chemo.

Otherwise, DH and I are plugging along,  work is keeping us busy. Shawl pins are the current hot items, along with hat stick pins and hair sticks. Dh is working sometimes 5-6 hour stretches, to fill orders for the shawl sticks he makes by hand. We can already feel the holiday orders (*GASP!) beginning to pick up.

Tomorrow, the Walworth County Fair will be open, then school resumes for our kids, the following Tuesday.

Summer is coming to an end, let the Fall Festivities begin! 🙂