Night of the Fireflies

I just got back from a most interesting adventure with neighbor/good friend/author Linda Godfrey.
Linda called this afternoon to see if DH and I were up for a Bigfoot area tour, with herself the Guide to the Strange in Wisconsin. She was feeling down and wanted to get out and take a ride but said she felt a nap-attack coming on, and would call when she was more rested. I told her absolutely, call if and when she still felt like taking a ride, after her nap.

Linda is a local legend here in Wisconsin. She is an artist with a degree in art education, taught part time while working as a journalist for a local paper in Delavan, when she happened upon some files labeled “Manwolf” in an archive in the Police Dept. Of course, her interest was piqued and she had to ask about the reports. She researched the many reports, interviewed local residents, and began what was to become her life’s journey in search of the weird and elusive. She became known as the Bray Road Beast expert, for her extensive research into local folklore.

After dinner, DH dropped me off at Linda’s house, and we gathered our atlas and cameras for the trip. We headed out to some pre-determined locations to check out some area “hot spots” to get a feel for just what might attract a Bigfoot-type creature. Driving along some of the many windy roads that interlace the Kettle Moraine State Forest, we found some of the most alluring marshes, woods, and prairies, and imagined how perfect this area could be for such an elusive creature to inhabit. We drove for miles without a single car passing us by, and saw some beautiful barns along the way, while watching a most spectacular sunset unfold before us.

As the sun set and it grew dark, we were blessed with the most beautiful display of fireflies in the bean fields and corn rows, and in the road ahead of us as we drove. It was a veritable faerie fantasy with millions of tiny strobes rising up to greet the night sky. We truly knew this night was intended to be all that it was-a spectacular festival of lights.

Although we didn’t spot anything big and hairy, I did get to see a local cemetery near Milton, said to be the spot where an axe murderer was captured while trying to flee the authorities, sometime back in the early 1950’s. The story is in Linda’s Strange Wisconsin book, a definite must-read.

When we got near to our starting point, I called DH to have him come pick me up. He was more than happy for a chance to take his sister’s Mitsubishi 3000GT, we call it the Zoom Car, out for a spin, and arrived within minutes. But when it was time to leave, he somehow inadvertently hit a button on one of the two levers on the steering column, setting off the windshield wipers. He tried for nearly 10 minutes to figure out how to turn them off, and eventually resigned himself to having to drive back with them flapping all the way home. Once we were in the garage and could see what we were doing, DH found the wiper on-off switch and the car was back to normal.

The Haunted Zoom Car…

And you were wondering why we are called “Weird Wisconsin”? Wait until I find out more about the kangaroo that chased cars, Al, the Bighorn sheep over in Tibbets, just around the corner from us, and many more strange creatures. I won’t give too much away; you’ll have to read the books~!

Is there a Bigfoot roaming the woods and marshes in our area? We know there are strange things being discovered every day.

As for us here in Wisconsin, you can bet your bottom dollar, if it’s out there, Linda will find it, no matter what…


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