The Truck, She is Fixed Again | Kids R Us, Cont’d.

Early Monday afternoon post:
We picked up Dad bright and early this morning, arriving at their house at 9:11 am, then headed back to town and Napa to pick up the new alternator for our truck. The kids decided to stay home, too tired to rise that early. Igor went with, of course 🙂

Dad got to work on the truck right away and had the alternator out and the new one back in within an hour. Tester said we were back up to normal, YIPPY SKIPPY!! We gave him the old alternator to take back for the core charge, with a big THANK YOU for using his truck, half a tank of gas, and all his time and trouble.  Then we went upstairs for lunch for subs! E and I had veggie subs, while J had a Manly Meatful Sub. 🙂

After lunch, DH wanted to take a ride around the area, just to see if the battery was back up to charge; we were good to go. We took the kids over to see the Anhole-Watusi cattle over on Hwy A, but didn’t see any out-just the two calves, in pens back behind the barns. Perhaps they were all inside, as it was much earlier than we usually go. We’ll try again after 7pm, and hopefully this time, the kids will get a good look, if the cattle are up by the road.

Post updates later tonight~


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