Jane Fonda’s Original Workout – Beginners 2, week 2.

Jane Fonda’s Original Workout – Beginners 2, week 2.

I am obviously in dire need of a walk, having missed 2 days in a row now. The Guilts have set in. It all depends on the weather. This morning, I as up at 7:00am and was about to get dressed and ready to go at 7:45 when the rains began…I could hear it pitter-patter on the skylight in the bathroom, as I was applying my mascara. Yes, I put my face on before I go out. Anywhere. No exceptions. It’s that little shred of 50+ vanity I still cling to and I don’t care what anyone thinks. If I’m going out in public in nothing more than a T-shirt,  sport bra that smashes my boobs to nothing, spandex shorts that show every bump, ankle socks and walking shoes, I may as well attract as much attention away from my flab-tastic boody and up toward the business end. 🙂

In other news:
DD19 is officially enrolled in college!
She got her registration in today, and has 2 classes in Graphics Illustration. She’s all set and just needs to wait on her FAFSE which should be available end of August, so she can pick up the books on the list they gave her.  She’s working over 78 hours every pay period, stashing every penny away to pay for her tuition so she won’t have to borrow so much. That girl is determined and I am so proud of her. ♥♥♥

Storms moving in, I will have to close shortly, but will get a quick blurb in to update Sharon’s Rose Parade Doily-the Orchid Pink is on the way, as we speak! YIPPY SKIPPY! It should be here either Wednesday or Thursday, and in the meantime, I can get my knit-fix in while plurking away at some rows of my ALASKA Jacket.

Here’s the latest updated foteez of  Sharon’s Rose Parade Doily; my rendition of the Blue Girl Roses will dance around the outside soon!

Have a beautiful day/evening, wherever you are. ♥♥♥


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