Sharon’s Rose Parade Doily Progress Updates

Yippy Skippy! I’ve ordered the pink for Sharon’s Rose Parade Doily, at last! I t should be here by the end of next week-Joanne’s is pretty fast at shipping. The pattern I’m working on is from Elizabeth Hiddleson Collections, Volume 11.

After making a trip to Ben Franklin Crafts, Delavan, only to discover they didn’t have the color I needed,  I was out of sorts for a couple days as to where to go next. provided the solution to my dilema. They had a 50% off discount on one item, and you betchya I took advantage of it!

The new colors for my Blue Girl rose motifs are Aunt Lydia’s Classic Crochet #10,

Orchid Pink and Wood Violet

Here’s the doily, so far:

I have a couple rounds of the background worked,  the cellphone picture is not the best quality.

I need this picture for a new group I’ve started in Ravelry today. Finding none that fit the catagory, I took it on myself. Look us up on Ravelry under Fans of Elizabeth Hiddelson. I’m anxious to see who-all else is interested as I am.

Back to work while the sun shines.


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