Epic failure in Alaska-RIPPIT In Progress

Sadly, I think I’m going to have to RIPPT. Yep, you heard right. The X’s aren’t happening for me. The cross-over yarns are pulling a little too much for my liking and here’s where it finally told all:

Alaska front and back before rippit
Alaska back slose-up of pulled stitches
close-up of puckers

As I’m using Red Heart Super Saver, I don’t believe blocking will be the solution, but only a temporary fix.  Better to rippit back now; I’d rather be proud of this accomplishment than hate it later.

Today is a good day for taking this project on- I want to get back to the start of this pattern and have it fixed so I can move on.  I got a 3-mile walk in this morning, while T-storms lurked in the distance; rumblings told of imminent rain which has yet to happen.  The neighborhood is growing quiet as some of the Summer People return to their daily routines for another week.

Another short week as we head in to Summer, this Memorial Day weekend was the best we’ve had in a while, and life goes on.


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