X Marks the Spot~

The Alaska Jacket is coming along; I’m at the first pattern row and haven’t made a single miscount yet.

Go ahead, click the image to see a close-up and the picture, too!

Alaska Jacket in progress

It’s Memorial Day weekend, and we just finished scrubbing down the upper deck to get it ready for staining. I can’t wait-once it’s stained, I’ll have my patio furniture to move back upstairs, and my Reflections Tree Fort will be complete 😀

Later that day:

Finally, the day has come to an end, and I’m back inside. We had a perfectly beautiful day.

Went for a walk with the neighbor this morning at 9, a little later than usual. It was warm but nice, and we spotted a fox while out walking-it crossed the road in front of us, and when I called out to it, it stopped and watched us walk by-I spoke to it until it turned and cantered off into the woods.

The Summer People have invaded us!!! It was crazy busy in town-we had to go for beer-DH let it run out and didn’t check his supplies before we went out, so we had to turn around and go back out~

DH made me a bucket of soapy water and I scrubbed off the upstairs deck, (my Tree Fort) and then hosed it off in preparation for tomorrow when we will stain the deck. He got the front yard mowed and I planted some Roma tomatoes in a couple remaining pots.

DH grilled out tonight-we had Italian sausages and roasted red peppers, which I peeled and sliced, then put into a container and covered with olive oil, a dash of red pepper flakes, and some dried basil for seasoning. I will use some of the roasted red peppers for my hummus recipes over the summer. YUM!

We decided not to camp out tonight-it’s going to be a hot one tomorrow, and we didn’t want to wake up cranky and sweaty, when we have so much to do tomorrow. SOooooo, we’ve put it off for another day.

I got the X pattern completed today-Will post a picture when I can get a daytime shot. The only problem I think I ran into with the pattern is, when switching the colors, there are yarns that span the spaces between colors. I have found that when I pulled those cross-over yarns, I created a little too much tension, and some of the X’s are a bit tight. I think I may be able to pull out the slight puckering in some, when I block the finished jacket. I have another row to do further up in the shoulders and on each sleeve, so I hope to perfect the tensioning while changing colors, so as to avoid the slight pucker.

Time to check out for the night-tomorrow is a new day!


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