Mojito Cake Recipe from Betty Crocker

I got this recipe in today’s Betty Crocker Newsletter, and gotta try it. It may just be the order of the day, after I finish redoing the neck edge of my Camo Vest, ARRRrr-GH!

Mojito Cake Recipe from Betty Crocker

What a beautiful day, it was sunny and warm, temps at 80- a bit windy, but that didn’t stop me from taking a short break from work, to go sit outside and soak up a few rays. Then at 3:00, I had to go meet DD at Lockhart’s, where we learned the shimmy in her rear was from a tire belt that was separating and in need of a new tire ASAP! We decided to leave her car there in lieu of my having to drive her car over tomorrow, and have DH pick me up from there. They can have her car ready by the time she gets off work, VIOLA!

Storms are approaching, so I’m going to make this one short and sweet.



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