Aurora and the Night Geese

DH made a campfire tonight. It was a beautiful evening, the stars were popping, once our eyes got adjusted to the night. The rope lights on the stairs provided a faint back-light for the emerging hostas in our Zen Garden under the Deck.

I read on the news that we got a big solar blast from the sun last night, and that the Aurora Borealis was quite a sight over much of Canada, and visible in parts of the US. I had hoped to catch a glimpse. The last one was in 2006, I think. We got some beautiful pictures that year, reds and greens. Alas, nothing tonight.

Igor and I sat on an old rug and soaked up the warmth of the fire. Coyotes could be heard wreaking havoc on the goose population over by the pond; it was causing Igor no end of distress. Several times he jumped up and bellowed his presence for any who dared cross into his territory. He is The Protector.

I received a most beautiful and unexpected surprise in the mail today: my dear friend Lindy, in Australia, sent me a gorgeous shawl. It’s called Spirit of the Southwest Shawl (S-2012) by Evelyn A. Clark.

Until I can get DH to take a picture of it, here’s what it looks like, before I got it: it is absolutely stunning in it’s detail. I was brought to tears when I opened it, the meaning behind it was so evident. Thank you so much, Lindy, from the bottom of my heart. ♥♥♥

I finally got around to post this: Sunday I completed my Shine On Vest, Part I. *Free Pattern YAY!

I completed my Shine On Vest, Part I. *Free Pattern YAY!

Camo Vest, Part I

I’ve started the neck band for the shawl collar I’m going to create, using the Red Heart Buff for contrast. I spent the better part of Sunday working on my cast on all around the neckline, and got 8 rows into it, before realizing I had cast on the wrong side of the vest!!! It came to me at the oddest hour, 11:30 last night, after I’d gone to bed. Needless to say, I got up and promptly ripped it out, rolling the worked yarn into a ball, and left it for the morning. At 7am, I was up and ready to start over. I am now on row 3, again. Pictures to follow, when I get back to where I screwed up-you had to be there…*BIG siiiiiiiiiiigh.

Tomorrow, I hope to get in a walk with Igor before sunset. Wednesday, the neighbor and I plan to resume our walks in the morning, on a daily basis. I look forward to a more regimented routine now, and hope to get in plenty of miles in the coming weeks.

Off to work on the neckline for a spell, then off to Never-Never Land. DH is taking me to Ben Franklin Crafts for yarn tomorrow!! WHOOHOO!



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