Julia’s Cabled Headband Done!

I finished Julia’s Cabled Headband this morning, and had DD19 model it for a photo shoot before she left for work.
The pattern is from Julia’s Cabled Headband by Pauline Chin.

This was a great practice piece for getting ready to make a cable knit cardigan. I’m definitely planning to make more of these, quick and easy~

Our neighbor came over and helped us take down a large dead oak tree that had started to lean at a dangerous angle. We were afraid it would eventually come down as it gets pretty windy here in Spring. The risk and subsequent liability was not worth leaving it up. The neighbor needed wood, and we got some for our fire pit in the deal, as well. I figure I walked a mile, back and forth between hauling out the cuttings, and am definitely deserving of a double-dip ice cream waffle bowl, with sprinkles, thank you~

After we were done with the tree removal, we noticed another neighbor walking his dog, and flagged him down for a stop-over chat. He is still recovering from a terrible snowmobile accident last Jan, and is doing well. It was good to see him out and about, considering the alternative.

CJ called to announce they have moved Teh Babeh Rhonda out of the Parental Bedroom and into her own ROOM! They painted and hung wall borders, got her furniture in place, and just have wall decorating left to do. Pictures will follow.

Miss Rhonda also got a new Froggy Potty this week, YAY!

“Where teh wheels??”

It’s chilling down fast, so I’m heading to the kitchen to rummage up some leftover fajita chicken and do a little knitting. I feel a nap attack coming on, so I better keep busy or I’ll be up all night, nothing unusual for me…

Have a beautiful Sunday!


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