Shine on, Camo Vest, Part Deux

The Wonderful Wallaby pattern arrived today! YAY, I can’t wait to go shopping for yarn! I’m thinking of a gray heather, but saw one on Ravelry I really like, done in  Plymouth Yarn Encore Colorspun Worsted. Will check with Ben Franklin Crafts, Delavan.

I completed the back of my Shine-on Camo Vest.

Camo Vest back, floor blocked

The shoulders gave me a bit of trouble at first, but I’m still learning. After I realized things weren’t lining up at the center of the neck opening,  I rippit’d it and started over from where the shaping first began, then, like magic, I got it on the second try.

I’ve cast on the Left Front, the two fronts will go fast now.

I cut my hair today-took it back 10 inches.  I haven’t done this cut in 12 years, but it feels right, again.

Life goes on –  lock and load.


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