Back to Antarctica

I enjoyed a long walk yesterday. The temps were in the upper 50’s with just a hint of rain in the forecast, no biggie.
Today, back to Reality, and 40’s for a high. We’re back down to 24 F. as I write my entry for the evening.

My day started out on a sour note-I had to do something about the opossum carcass laying by the side of the shed. So, I pulled up my boot straps, trudged out to do the right thing and took Mr. Possum back into the woods and deposited him under a rotten log, out of the elements. RIP, Mr. Possum.

After we got back from dropping off the day’s orders, I got a call from the neighbor asking if I had time to squeeze in a walk, this time taking a detour that would add a half-mile to our route. You  betchya, I was ready, and 10 minutes later we headed out.

I had no problems with getting into a rhythm and kept pace the entire 45-minute walk. We did a full 3.5 mile trek, adding another circle to our route.

Later today, I discovered quite by accident, a really cool site where I can keep a daily activity log, record the mileage, even chart my caloric intake, if I want to keep a record of my diet.

It’s called MyStart! Online Tracker, by the American Heart Association and I’ve already logged more than 9.5 miles in 9 days, and180 minutes walking.  Granted, 6 of those days began the start of our daily 15-minute walk Igor and I do around the neighborhood. He looks forward to it as much as I do, and we start our walks as soon as the temps are in the low 50’s.
I’m not big on keeping tabs of my calories, so I’ll probably forgo that one for now.  What’s more important is that I keep up with my cardio workouts on a daily basis, and I’ll see those pesky winter pounds drop off in a few weeks. I’m not in bad shape for my age, and don’t want to get lazy~

I worked about 4 inches on my newest project, a long vest pattern. I’m really liking the Camouflage colorway, but still haven’t decided what color to do the rib border in front when it’s completed. I have plenty of time to think about it and when I go back for  more yarn, I’ll enlist DH’s expert eye in choosing a coordinating color-he thinks black will be just too dark…

Shine-On Vest by Lion Brand Yarn

Camo Vest back section



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