Kettles in the Mist

The snow is all but gone, not much left anywhere, except in low spots we call “Kettles”. These spots are left-over remnants of the Ice Age, and are both awe-inspiring and mysterious.  You get the feeling that you’ve just stepped back in  time, the feeling is almost pre-historic, and your senses are brought to a different plane.

fog rising from a Kettle

As Spring approaches and the temperatures begin to rise, these kettles breathe a life of their own. At times, you can actually see them undulate, or “exhale” as the mists rise from their depths. It’s a beautiful, magical and fearful place, full of secrets.

The Kettle Moraine State Park is located in Southern Wisconsin, and is a must-see if you’re ever in our neck’o the woods. At a glance, you’d never know they were there. You’re driving down one of the many country roads, the terrain is pretty much farmland, then you turn a bend, and you’re in a forest. The hills undulate in a gentle roller-coaster ride that goes on for miles.

If you listen closely, you can hear the Wood People; they whisper as they move about in the shadows. What secrets lie in those deep, dark woods? The trees know, but they do not tell. They stand in mute silence, a testament to how wonderful, yet fragile our world is.

Tree People


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