The Woods Are Alive With The Sounds of Birdies!

Last night was just a taste of what we saw today. As we took the recycle and trash pins to the street, I mentioned to DH how the woods smelled so good and almost sweet with the perfume of the black locusts, even though they are nowhere near to budding, yet. It was a clean smell, not the nasty rot of late Fall. It felt good to be outside without a coat on.

This morning, as I was letting Igor out to potty, I stood on the front porch with DD19, and we both listened to the cacaphone of sounds from the trees-birds of every species seemed to have arrived, virtually overnight. A robin buzzed overhead, while the flickers cackled hilariously in the trees above us.

On the way back from town, we saw two beautiful, yet frightening sights;  we barely missed a Mourning Cloak Butterfly as we neared our house.

*Used with permission of

Before we left, DH spotted a Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly in our Shed Garden, and I mentioned how early it was for them to return, almost too soon I thought. If it snows later this week, it may not amount to anything, but I have this incredible urge to go out and hang the Hummer Feeders; I have a feeling they aren’t far from returning.

A friend in GA says she just saw a pair pf Baltimore Orioles on their way out. They will migrate north to the Eastern states, and some will end up in our area, but not for another 4-6 weeks, according to past notes I’ve jotted in my Field guide.

Zebra Swallowtail 2008 Copyright © Sandra Schwab

I’ve finished Hunter’s Camo Hat. I really like the Red Heart Super Saver colorway, “Camouflage” and glad I bought extra-I’m thinking about what to cast on next-perhaps a vest for myself?

Hunter’s Camo Hat
From Little Turtle Knits, the Mary Jane’s Pithy Hats : Elizabethtown Hat Pattern
Back to work, Pithy you lather~ LOL!

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