An Early Birthday Present, 32 Years Later…

An amazing thing happened a couple nights ago.

I logged into Facebook to post an add in the Many Horses Jewelry Supply Fan Page. While I was putzing around, I noticed a new notification said there was a new message in my Inbox. I went to check it out and noticed the name-I didn’t recognize the last name; it was the FIRST NAME that caught my attention immediately. There was a pause, not more than a millisecond, then I clicked to open it.

The message began with:

Hi Sandra,
I don’t even know if you remember me, but I have thought about you more than once over the years and glad to run across you on facebook.

The rest I will leave out, because in that moment, I realized a dream I had for so many years, was just about to become reality. In a matter of a few minutes, 35+ years were melted away, then I hit the Reply button and we reconnected again.

My 10th birthday Party Entourage, April 1967

I’ve given her my email address and we’re writing now, although it is a bit awkward, and I don’t want to rush in and pour out my soul in one fell swoop. Too much at once just might scare off someone you haven’t see or spoken to since grade school…

I am just happy to finally hear from her, after all these years. It’s not  important to know why we fell apart, as kids often do during their growing up years. We all move in different directions, and we never know where we’ll end up.  Some things are worth hanging on to, and one more of my wishes has been realized. I’m a very patient person that way.


I’ve got another hat on the needles- this time, it’s the Mary Jane’s Pithy Hat, with the cable stitch, for variety. It is going to fit more snuggly, as the stitches are tighter, not so knotty and loose.

Mary Jane's Pithy Hat

I like the look, and the pattern is very easy~the yarn, Red Heart Super Saver. Needles, 7 and 10.5 US.
Baby Mommy called last night to say she thinks we have a TOOTH!
Another milestone to add to her list of accomplishments: Baby Girl is just a step away from taking off on her own, is pushing about with help of mobile upright toys.
I got a new picture of Baby Girl with her Baby Turtleback on~ SO cute! She is such a good baby~ ♥♥♥

Time to place an order at Kohl’s for DD19. They are changing the work cloths and she has to get a specific color polo for winter now, “Hypnotic Blue”, and some new khaki pants. Thank goodness for the 20% code we got in the mail~offset the shipping, every little bit helps!



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