Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

This is my standby recipe for Hummus, with options for flavors included. We’ll start with the Roasted Red Pepper, and make variations as we go.

First, take 2 red bell peppers and char them under the broiler, turning often until all sides are blackened. Remove and place them in a glass bowl, cover with plastic wrap and stick in the freezer for about 15 minutes, to cool.  * NOTE: The steaming process will facilitate easier removal of the skin when you are ready to prepare them for jarring for later use.

Remover the peppers from the freezer when they are cool enough to handle without burning the fingers. I start disassembling them by pulling the stem end out first, and remove the core.  You an then tear the pepper into long strips down the rib sections, and remove the skin and seeds by running your fingers along the insides of the strips. Some will have you run the peppers under running water to remove the skins, but I don’t like to do that; I feel it washes the roast flavor right down the drain!

After you’ve cleaned the peppers and made them into strips, place them in a clean sterilized jar, then add a pinch of salt and fill the jars with olive oil to within an inch of the top. Cover and refrigerate for up to 3 weeks.


2 15 oz cans garbanzo beans (chick peas), rinsed and drained
6 Tbs. plain yogurt
1/4 c. olive oil
2 heaping Tbs. sesame seed, toasted (Tahini, in the ethnic section of your grocers)
2 green onions, chopped
Juice of one lemon
2 large cloves garlic, chopped
salt, pepper to taste

Puree all ingredients in food processor to blend.  At the end, add a couple strips of your prepared roasted red peppers, blending well.

This recipe makes a LOT, so you can cut the ingredients in half for one week’s worth. It doesn’t last that long at our house ~

Bon Apetite~



Today it was warm enough to go TOPLESS! …yeah, I thought that would get your attention!

I re-potted our 11 year-old Norfolk Pine today.

Norfolk Pine, 11 yrs old

It was just starting to send out new green tips, but the pot was so tiny, it was beginning to look top-heavy.

Please send good karma- The Norfolk, she could use a little help from her Green-thumb Friends!

We went to Ben Franklin Crafts today, it was a nice ride to Delavan. I picked up four more skeins of the Red Heart Super Saver Camouflage, 3 of which had the same dye lot. The fourth won’t make a big difference, and I’ll save it for the very last of the construction.

I am thinking of adding a couple more things to my Shine-On Vest: along with a contrasting placket  front, I’m thinking of adding sleeves, and maybe a hood. Together, DH and I picked out a nice neutral buff color for the front placket and hood I’m going to work on after the vest is done.

I’m picturing the neckline looking a little like this:

Camo Coordinates

I guess it won’t be a vest after I’m finished reconstructing it, will it?

Tonight is a FULL MOON, so howl like there’s no tomorrow and have a hauntingly beautiful evening!

Road Trip to Janesville Harley Davidson

What a beautiful day! We went to the Harley Dealership in Janesville. DH wanted to show me all the bikes he saw last time he was  out there with the neighbor.

I picked out a gorgeous 2009 Harley-Davidson XL 1200L Sportster® 1200 Low in Dark Blue Pearl. Yeah, I can see me on ton of those. Maybe if I win the Lottery…I can always dream, yes?

We gandered at all the merchandise, there were walls and walls of Harly-this and Harley-that, all very expensive.
DH found a tall shot glass for his collection. He never uses them, they are all on wooden display shelves he has built for ther countless dozens. Friends always bring him a couple sets back from vacations, he loves getting them.
I got Warren a new freezer mug to replace the one Igor knocked from his hand yesterday. He sent me an email tonight saying how happy he was to get the Harley one. His originally had a Michigan State logo on it, but heck, who wouldn’t like Harley Davidson?!?

The ride home was absolutely wonderful-it was great to get out and not see snow everywhere you turned.  The ride along Hwy A is laced with rambling rolling hills, interspersed with stretches of flat country farmland and well-worn farms every other acre. I couldn’t help imagining myself on the back of a Merlot FLHTCUTG TRI-GLIDE 3-wheel, the wind in my hair, and my knitting in my lap ~heck, I’d leave my knitting at home, for a ride like that!

The weather was a bit nippy, but we weren’t out in it long enough to notice. Unfortunately, Igor and I had to forgo our usual walk, but maybe we’ll resume again tomorrow-it’s suppose to be nicer by degrees.

The neighbors are finalizing their 3-day sale tomorrow. I’m going to see if they still have one of those overstuffed boudoir chairs left. I could use something like that in the Guest Bedroom, or in the office for when I want to take a break, sit back and knit, while Mike is working on book covers or whatever…

Catch me if you can-zoooooooooooooooooooom!

2009 Harley-Davidson XL 1200L Sportster® 1200 Low Dark Blue Pear

Back to Antarctica

I enjoyed a long walk yesterday. The temps were in the upper 50’s with just a hint of rain in the forecast, no biggie.
Today, back to Reality, and 40’s for a high. We’re back down to 24 F. as I write my entry for the evening.

My day started out on a sour note-I had to do something about the opossum carcass laying by the side of the shed. So, I pulled up my boot straps, trudged out to do the right thing and took Mr. Possum back into the woods and deposited him under a rotten log, out of the elements. RIP, Mr. Possum.

After we got back from dropping off the day’s orders, I got a call from the neighbor asking if I had time to squeeze in a walk, this time taking a detour that would add a half-mile to our route. You  betchya, I was ready, and 10 minutes later we headed out.

I had no problems with getting into a rhythm and kept pace the entire 45-minute walk. We did a full 3.5 mile trek, adding another circle to our route.

Later today, I discovered quite by accident, a really cool site where I can keep a daily activity log, record the mileage, even chart my caloric intake, if I want to keep a record of my diet.

It’s called MyStart! Online Tracker, by the American Heart Association and I’ve already logged more than 9.5 miles in 9 days, and180 minutes walking.  Granted, 6 of those days began the start of our daily 15-minute walk Igor and I do around the neighborhood. He looks forward to it as much as I do, and we start our walks as soon as the temps are in the low 50’s.
I’m not big on keeping tabs of my calories, so I’ll probably forgo that one for now.  What’s more important is that I keep up with my cardio workouts on a daily basis, and I’ll see those pesky winter pounds drop off in a few weeks. I’m not in bad shape for my age, and don’t want to get lazy~

I worked about 4 inches on my newest project, a long vest pattern. I’m really liking the Camouflage colorway, but still haven’t decided what color to do the rib border in front when it’s completed. I have plenty of time to think about it and when I go back for  more yarn, I’ll enlist DH’s expert eye in choosing a coordinating color-he thinks black will be just too dark…

Shine-On Vest by Lion Brand Yarn

Camo Vest back section


Kettles in the Mist

The snow is all but gone, not much left anywhere, except in low spots we call “Kettles”. These spots are left-over remnants of the Ice Age, and are both awe-inspiring and mysterious.  You get the feeling that you’ve just stepped back in  time, the feeling is almost pre-historic, and your senses are brought to a different plane.

fog rising from a Kettle

As Spring approaches and the temperatures begin to rise, these kettles breathe a life of their own. At times, you can actually see them undulate, or “exhale” as the mists rise from their depths. It’s a beautiful, magical and fearful place, full of secrets.

The Kettle Moraine State Park is located in Southern Wisconsin, and is a must-see if you’re ever in our neck’o the woods. At a glance, you’d never know they were there. You’re driving down one of the many country roads, the terrain is pretty much farmland, then you turn a bend, and you’re in a forest. The hills undulate in a gentle roller-coaster ride that goes on for miles.

If you listen closely, you can hear the Wood People; they whisper as they move about in the shadows. What secrets lie in those deep, dark woods? The trees know, but they do not tell. They stand in mute silence, a testament to how wonderful, yet fragile our world is.

Tree People

Love is in the Air

We have a pair of red-tail hawks that have been hanging around our neck’o the woods again. We think they are planning to nest again, this will be the second time in 3 yrs.DH has been watching them do the mating ritual: circle over the house, then fly into one another and tumble headlong toward earth before pulling apart to fly in opposite directions before resuming the courtship dance all over again.

Last year, we don’t have a clue where they ended up, but it was kinda nice to have a break from chicklettes for one summer. Those nestlings can get aweful mouthy as they get older, constantly harassing the parents for food-the poor mom and dad work non-stop to feed two fledglings until they boot them out. BUT it doesn’t stop there-once the fledglings are out of the nest, they hop from one tree to the next, all the while screeching at the mom, dad or anyone who will listen~

We got a good shot of one 2 summers ago-a Gal Pal of mine named him Rio. He was sitting on top of our T.V. tower, and wasn’t one bit concerned that he had just knocked off one of the tines on the antennae with his bulk.
He remained there a good 10 minutes before heading off to find a parent to harass.

Hawklette - Rio

Seeing him up there, staring down at us, was a bit unnerving, to say the least. Notice the missing tine extension from the right bar, third from top. He had managed to knock that off into a nearby tree.

We hope to see a nest started very soon.

This Little Light of Mine, I’m Gonna Let It Shine

Rhonda loves her new Tiffany-style Dragonfly lamp

(R)Honda’s new lamp for her bedroom arrived today, on St. Paddy’s day~Mommy loves it and I think Baby Girl does too 😀

Today was a GLORIOUS St. Paddy’s day~ the sun shined down on us, warming the temps to the lower 60’s. It was a perfect day for a walk with Igor, so leash and plastic pooh-bag in hand, we headed out.

A flock of Sand Hill Cranes circled overhead, a cacophony of happy birds looking for new nesting spots, and returning couples ready to setup housekeeping at familiar nesting sites. The pond still has a thin glaze of ice left over from long winter months, a family of Canadian geese lounged on the edges waiting for a break. Soon, the pond will be alive with the sounds of bullfrogs, peepers, cranes and geese. We’ll enjoy an occasional Painted turtle as it crosses the road to find a nesting site down in the reeds.

Life begins anew in our little corner of the world, as we celebrate Spring with a jig in our step and a song in our hearts. ♥

We topped of our day with a Corned beef on pumpernickel rye, sauerkraut, aged Swiss and a healthy dollop of 1000 island dressing, griddle pan-fried, and a side of boiled buttered potatoes.

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