In Celebration of our New Ben Franklin Store!

Ina Goda da Yarna Hat

I finally got The H-Kids’ box ready to go out, albeit  1week/2 weeks late, consecutively.

I’m working on R’s Baby Shrug, furiously. I knitted for 7 hours straight last Sunday and got 8 inches accomplished. I thought I’d get further along, not cool….garter stitch is mindless, and goes fast-what is slowing progress here??? IDK. *I Don’t Know…

I got a pleasant surprise on Tuesday morning~ I was up early- 6:03am, to be exact. What is up with THAT?

I putzed around the house, while watching the snow slowly begin to fall. The weather reports on TV promised a blizzard, so I resigned myself to the fact we’d be in for the  duration. No school closings for our area, no big surprise.
Finally, at 10:30 I got ready to take my shower, only to find DH already showered and dressed, telling me to get busy, we had places to go and things to do.

“Where are we going today?”, I asked.
Ben Franklin, in Delavan”, he replied! WOOT!

That was the quickest shower I ever took! We headed out at 11:30 and got there ahead of the snow storm. Like a bird dog on a scent, I found their yarn section back in the corner, right away. What is this?:  3 rows of yarn, cotton and crochet thread! I didn’t know where to begin, my senses were on overload.

I had to take a deep breath and tell my self, it’s not a dream, and we’ll come back again  soon, and began picking what I had to have, just for this trip. I did a quick scan for all things familiar and touch/felt a few products for future reference.

First Assault - My Haul

I got a skein of Red Heart Black tweed and Red Heart Acrylic for a Mary Jane’s Hat.  I then chose 2 sets of Clover bamboo #3 circulars for a pair of socks. I like bamboo needles a lot, these were a must-have.
I grabbed 2 more balls of Sugar & Cream Midnight Magic for another hat, and Navy for the brim. Finally I spied a ball of Aunt Lydia’s Cotton crochet thread in Bridal Blue, for a doily down the road, and a set of Chibi darning needles, sock sizes. All totaled just under $50, a pretty good deal for the money.

I am already chomping at the bit to go back and get some Camo yarn DH saw, for my Bernat long cable vest pattern.

DH also scoped the yarns and saw some Camo in a blue color…hmmmmm..

I found Ben Franklin on Facebook and got signed up for their newsletter immediately~it was really neat seeing all the photos of the store in progress since Jan. 1, 2010.  Wish I’d been there to help with the festivities~
Now that I’ve got caught up with the Blog, I’m realizing my nose is C.O.L.D~ OMY the weather bar says -1 outside and the furnace is kicking on. Time to get snuggled in for the night~




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