Hippy Hats R Us!

The Hippy Hat is done!

Mary Jane's Hat

Hayley’s Hippy Hat is  completed! I really like the way this one turned out, the fit is loose and floopy, the way it should be~ I needed a head to model, and since I couldn’t nail DD19 to the floor, I obligingly  did  the photo op.

Ocarp, this one matches my Rolling Stones hoodie~ that means I have to make another this color now…

OR….I see a navy blue hat in my future…

hat back view

I can has FloppinHats this way too!

I’ve started on the 3rd of 4 hats:


I started this one this morning, got the band done in about an hour, and went to work on the body. The name of this colorway is “Midnight Magic”.

Tossing names around, I am thinking:

  • Midnight Yarn Art
  • Ina goda da yarna
  • Butterfly’s Folly

I am taking a poll on a name so leave comments below this post.

I will announce the winner of this one in subsequent blogs, so stay tuned ~ :)

Back to work, knitknitknit…


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