Hats and Tatts

Hayley’s Wisconsin Sunsets Hat is coming along as planned, I’m right on schedule.

I’m about 3 rows away from changing the color on top to match the band rows, then another 6 rows to BO. That’s Bind-Off to those who don’t know knit-lingo.

Total top-to-bottom, 10″ or whatever, until I run out of ombre. The floppier, the better.

Hayley's Hat, almost there

The name of the hat occurred to me last night when we got back from Winterfest at Lake Geneva.  While watching a gorgeous sunset over the lake,  I remarked to DH how the colors went from pinks, to purples before the sun finally dropped below the trees, to turn the sky a golden orange.

Wisconsin sunsets are like no other, pure MAGIC~

Sunset over WI, June '03

Highlight of the evening: Nats got her Star Wars tattoo at Fink Ink. Jim did a nice job of the shading, but Nats drew the picture herself.

cellpic : Darth Maul

The whole tatt took a little under 2 hours and she had to sit in that position, leg cocked side-angle for the duration. She only kicked Jim in the chest once. He said it wasn’t the first time he’d been kicked in the face!

There was no color enhancement, just the black and gray shading. The red is her leg freshly irritated. She didn’t flinch once.

I didn’t expect her to get this, used to be into dragons for a long time. But I began to suspect as much when she began talking of getting one a few months back.  After her bills were all paid up,  she was on a mission,  got her sketch book out and got busy.

How do I feel about my Baby Girl permanently marking her body? What can I say…she’s 19, who am I to judge? Like mother, like daughter. 😀

Canon shot

That said, I better get busy myself. I have a hat to complete~


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