Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

~the most odd movie, but a classic!

Current Mood:  Organize (pattern books) NOW!

I want to get all my knit and crochet patterns together in a file cabinet, in hanging folders. Maybe there will be room in the bottom drawer for WIPS, and sock yarn.

Currently, I am using a file cabinet as a mouse table next to my computer,  it sits between my chair and Mike’s. Since I always bring my knitting to work with me, I would love to have everything right here at my fingertips~ when I print off a pattern, I can just pop it in a clear page protector, and drop in the top drawer. Most of my patterns are in flat plastic storage boxes, but the lids are getting brittle from age, and they are all collapsing in on themselves…

I’m always searching through volumes of booklets, printouts, leaflets, and books, for this or that doily, sock or whatever. Like just now. I had to find a sock pattern for a fellow knitter, and after tearing the Guest Bedroom apart, I finally found it,  in a binder beside my side of the sofa where I knit on Sunday’s. I almost forgot that was there!

Yes, Virginia, it’s time to ORGANIZE!

Back to my movie, blog ya latrz!


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