Memories are made at The Pontiac Plant ~

I have a tendency to look back more often, these days. The holidays will do that to you.  We miss the people who are no longer with us, and wish we could share our joys and sorrows with them.
They probably would prefer we didn’t~ raising kids is a hair-raising experience. They make your hair turn gray, furrowed brows, crows-feet and lipstick bleed lines.

That’s why I don’t wear lipstick-that, and it’s so pretentious, and messy.

I used to do lot’s of things I don’t do anymore. Like wear skirts, and hairspray. Both of those things went flying out the window about 15 years ago. I let my hair down and like it that way. Sorry, Mom, but yes, it’s long now and going to get longer before it’s over. I still love you and I miss you bunches…

my Graduation present : '60 Pontiac Tempest

I can almost feel the heat coming off the stucco walls~Look! an open window-maybe I can peek inside and things will be just like they were back then……c’mon, jump in my car and let’s take a ride down Memory Lane,  go have a  look!


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