Pizza Weasel Strikes Again…

Some things just need to be blogged.

DD18.99999 and I were sitting at the breakfast bar, just talking about life choices in general. Well, it got a little more than just general. It started out with what-if’s, then when-did’s, to why-for’s.

We had a good talk, things needed to be said. This is the second time in as many weeks. Just last weekend, her older sister called and we had a good heart-to-heart. Things needed to come out, it was a good talk.

We wrapped things up when Igor had to go potty. Plain and simple, it was his turn. After he did his thing, DD18.99999 and I got to talking about pet antics again, and Pizza Weasle came up. I thought I’d blogged it, so we came down to look up the post. Nope,  didn’t happen. That’s why we’re here now 🙂

DH and I were in Garage World, as we were often found, solving the problems of the world. We had just polished off a Jack’s frozen pizza and there was a piece I had left sitting on the pizza peel.

I know this is embellishing the blog to the max, but would you still be here if I just posted the pictures haphazardly, with no embellishment, probably not. So I embellish. Done.

Let the pictures speak for themselves:

Stalking teh Pizza…….
The Plan….
The Execution.

Did we come away with anything of value here-not that you can see, on the surface.

The important thing is to talk with your kids. Sometimes you can’t say everything you need or want to say, right now, today. But eventually, yes  you can. If you care at all about what they think, and are not trying to be their “friend”, then talk now. Talk a lot, spill it out. You’ll know  when the curtain falls, when their eyes gloss over and the cellphone they have discreetly tucked away, comes back out, when the next text message comes in.

Then let them go, and you can finish your pizza~

Have a beautiful day!



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