Lace Rib Bath Set

The snow began to fall well after we went to bed.  Weather alerts kept my cellphone constantly tweeting as new incoming text alerts arrived.  What did we do before there were cellphones?

I got a message from a fellow Ravelry knitter, inquiring about a stitch I hadn’t yet heard of or tried. I did a search and found a cute Lace Rib Bath Set by Maile Mauch.

I started on the washcloth last night, as a demo for her, and to see if it was the stitch in question she was needing help with. The pattern went fast, but I had to rippit 3 times, once for a dropped stitch  in the middle of a decrease, and the other 2 times because I was distracted and missed a decrease, thereby throwing the pattern off. Easy to fix though, I had them reworked before lights-out.

Lace Rib Washcloth

I found a neat free Bernat long cable vest pattern I’m going to need yarn for, just what I’ve been looking for. I’ll look at Joann’s for the Fern color and add to my Wish List.

Bernat Long Cable Vest

The snow seems to have slowed down, the storm has moved across the lake.

Good News! DH finally got both monitors working together at once! I got him a new 21″ Dell Widescreen LCD Monitor for Christmas, and he was blown away! Eager to get back working on his Wacom and get some art projects going, it took on a whole new meaning to the phrase, “sleepless nights”…

Igor and I are content to just hang out~


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