My 1-year Rav-anniversary : December 26, 2009

I just noticed the date today in Ravelry- I joined the Rav Community the day after Christmas, 2008. That was the day I picked up my knitting needles again after a 30-year haitus, and posted all the things I had made over the years, mostly doilies.

And so I blogged.  My blogs become my written history from that day, forward~

I went on an Easter Egg hunt for all my mother’s knitting needles, but came up empty-handed and finally gave up. I just simply can’t figure out where I packed them, or if I even packed them away or simply donated them to someone. I just cannot believe I did the latter; it would not be something I’d do, considering I did try to learn to knit once, in my youth.

So, I snarfed up a whole batch of every size knitting needle, in one big lot on eBay one day. I felt so proud of myself that day, as I set off on my new Adventure.

Then I posted everything I ever made, on Ravelry, and kept knitting like there was no Tomorrow.

I posted my first project I knitted, a dishcloth. Boy, the feeling of accomplishment was infectious~

My Favorite Face Cloth

WOW. I’ve been knitting a whole year! Just looking through all my completed projects, I am so happy I didn’t quit when things got lousy in the Mentor department…

I’m back to work on the Ribby slipper some more. I ripped out one half of the first one last night, it was ridiculously too long, just by looking at it, I could tell. So I ripped the cuff out and took the foot back by 2 inches. How I managed to make it so long in the first place, is beyond me…I must’ve been watching Cold Case that night, distracted again, as usual.

Mom always said, TV was my biggest distraction. Heck, the commercials were a riot, back then~ now I get to watch them again on ME TV! WOOT!

I’ll post a picture when I get the first slipper finished.


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