Mail Lady Got her Mitts and Cookie Express is On The Way!

We headed to town laden with Care Packages ready to send to points South and West.

On the way, we  had a chance to catch the Mail Lady out on her route today and I was able to  present her with her Mail Lady Fingerless Gloves, at last.

Mail Lady MyWristie-Cuffs©

I glanced at her hands, and was happy to see hers are about the same size as mine~whew!

It’s finally feeling like things may return to normal again; the holiday rush is on the downside now and we can relax a little. No more wishing for more hours in the day, or fast trips to the coffee pot between phone calls.

Most have bought what they need for gift projects and are in no hurry for personal items they want for themselves now. The frantic last-minute shoppers dwindle and time can slow down for a change. These are the people I love gifting little items to-they have worn themselves out worrying about everyone else, and now it’s time to give back a little, make it all worth it~

DH and I talked about going to Lake Geneva after the holidays, set a spell at the bar and look out over the lake, while sipping Pinã Coladas…

Lake Geneva, Dec. 31, 2008

New Years Eve at Popeyes, L.G. 2008

Back to Woodland Ferns and Lace #3,  a present for DD32- sorry, Darlin’, it’s going to be a little late this time.

I got caught up in my memoirs… you understand~



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