Woodland Ferns and Lace for E~

….on a snowing Sunday afternoon, Winter fell with a THUD…

I finished E’s doily and it’s all blocked and ready to go~ this is one of my favorites, quick and easy~

Woodland Ferns and Lace for E~

Pattern from South Maid Book 364, Special Doilies For Special Times

I whipped together a little Christmas Poinsettia Coaster to throw in for someone special.

Poinsettia Coaster

Pattern:  Whirlwind by Shobha Govindan, Leisure Arts #2395, Thread Coasters to Crochet

Leisure Arts #2395, Thread Coasters to Crochet

We got slammed late Tuesday night with a Winter Storm that covered the entire Midwest~5.5 inches fell in the first 4 hours, and kept falling through the night.

I watched the birds at the feeders, glad to have had the foresight to put out seed for them this year.

The Winter of Feast or Famine

A Tufted Titmouse braved the onslaught of Juncos for his place at the feeder, while a Chipping Sparrow and fellow Junco rummaged on the new-fallen snow, kicking about to uncover buried treasures.

It may be while before I can lay peanuts out on the rails for the Blue-jays and Flickers~

Winter revisits the Tree Fort

back to reality, we only have 15 days until Christmas~that means I only have one weekend left to bake, and get packages ready to mail out ~YIKES!

my head hurts, it’s been crazy-busy here. Phone rings several times a day, customers checking on orders, making last-minute changes, additions, etc. I love this time of year,  but I’ll be glad when we can slow down and go into Hibernation Mode.

Sleep has been elusive, but I will welcome it tonight~



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