Gifts from the Heart and Magazine Back-Issues

I’m not always clever when it comes to titles for my blogs, so I just mention what I am blogging about. Makes it easier to categorize.

I just got the most precious and wonderful gifts today from a dear friend, and had to share!

Bracelet and Eye Glass/Charms Holder Necklace

DH was up on the ladder today, fixing woodpecker holes-those buzzards have the whole woods and they pick our house to ravage. I spotted, while Igor ran around chasing his ball and pouncing on the neighbor who arrived home unawares.

Igor loves his buddies, but is a chicken when their two Shiz-tsu’s come out to play.  Lily, the little girl Shiz, chases Igor back home and tells him in no uncertain terms, ” STAY IN YOUR YARD!”
It’s too hilarious watching him run from that tiny little dog!!!

Got the bird feeder back out again after 2 years. I was so tired of the cat terrorizing the birds, I didn’t want to invite them into harm’s way. So, we packed it up for a while. Now it seems Miss Pepper isn’t too interested in chasing birds.  She’s just too fat to bother with them anymore, and doesn’t like getting her feeties cold in winter.

I washed and filled the feeder with bird seed we picked up at the local Co-Op. It didn’t take long for the Chickadees to show up.
A neighbor told us if we put about an inch of cat litter in the bottom of the feeder, then fill it with seed, the litter keeps the seed from getting soaked and absorbs moisture. Not sure how that will work when the snow flies, but worth a try.

Now I can watch them through the winter months, as I sit here at my desk. The window looks out at ground level, and is a perfect vantage point for bird, deer and critter watching.

It’s going to be a mild winter, I think. Snow from Thanksgiving day didn’t last long, and it’s turned cold again. It was bound to happen, it is Wisconsin. 🙂

I’m wanting this issue of Vogue, missed it when it was on the grocery store shelf, and now have it saved in my Watched items on eBay-Hope to win it next week if nobody else bids. I want that shawl pattern~

VogueKnitting Spring 2009

I was sent a link to a fellow Blogger today, so I checked her out-a fellow knitter who has visited the Andes ~ WOOT! I will be following her now, in my spare (?) time… 🙂 Enjoy!

stay warm~



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