SHIPPING TIPS : Packing International Parcels – Keep it Cheap!

You are gonna think we’re probably a little nuts, (you have no idea) but I have to share this little tidbit:

When packing smaller items going abroad, you know those new Priority boxes that resemble an oversized video box?

Instead of shoving more paper inside which raised the weight by ounces, I wrap the items up in a piece of unprinted newspaper, then TAPE IT TO THE INSIDE of the box before sealing it up. It doesn’t move and doesn’t throw that 13 ounce package into the next pound rate!!

Keepin it simple and cheap: save a tree, use TAPE 8-)

……I wonder how many people have mentally killed me when they open the box and can’t get the items out by merely dumping it out on the table…..*giggles!

Happy Holidays!

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