Visit with my Granddaughter

The first night with baby, mommy and her gal-pal, went well.

Right off the bat, comments were made about “the dog”, and I guess  I’ll never quite understand why some people can’t let things go and move on…like the last time  my older son and his family were here, 2 Christmas’s ago. If I hear one more time how Igor was so “out of control”, I’m going to blow a gasket.Their toddler fell over during a Lick-Fest, and came away unharmed,  was just learning to stand up against furniture at that age. Licking just comes natural to Igor, but it got him in trouble that day and I’m still hearing about it.  Useless waste of energy, if you ask me. Igor lives here, this is his house too, and you are the Guests. If you don’t want to have to deal with him, then don’t come, and don’t complain.

Moving on.

Igor was so gentle with Rhonda, and both Mommy and her friend had no qualms about laying her on the floor and playing, while Igor went from one to another trying to figure out what all the excitement and fuss was about. He was more nervous about us being nervous about him around the baby.
He finally went off to hang with Dad when the excitement got to be too much and later crashed in a heap, too exhausted from the stress to even care or notice that Rhonda was so interested in him 😀

They were both great fun to watch-Igor dancing around her doing drive-by licks, while Miss Gigglehead watched his every move in total fascination~ 🙂

I’ll try to get some pictures posted tomorrow~




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