re: Fingerless Gloves for Mail Lady~Change of Plans

Change of plans, Part 1

I am not going to use the Baby Alpaca yarn for  Mail Lady gloves.

After careful consideration, I’ve decided the Baby Alpaca may not hold up to endless hours in and out of mailboxes, and the KnitPicks Stroll Multi Sock yarn colorway: Fruit Punch, being sock-worthy,  may hold up better.


KnitPicks Stroll Socks Multi - Fruit Punch

I’ll save the Baby Alpaca for myself, it’s more to my liking and I’m a professed Selfish Knitter~

I’m using the Melody Fingerless Glove pattern by Kathryn Ashley-Wright.  They are shown as beaded but I’m omitting beads as they won’t hold up to daily mail delivery abuse, in and out of mailboxes.
This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download to members. Other free patterns, including a similar Fingerless Glove, can be found at Ewetopia Fiber Shop.

Today we went to Muckwanago Super Walmart. One of our neighbors told DH that he found sushi at the store, and that was all it took.  We got up early,  10:30! and headed on the road to check the store out. We took my camera and I snapped shots of farms along the way-I’m into barns and silos and feel they should be preserved on film, to be later blogged.

WOW, is that Super Walmart HUGE. I do believe it’s bigger than our store here in Delavan. It went on for miles.

Igor got weirded out when we pulled into the parking lot-there were a lot of people, which shouldn’t have mattered. But he started to whine….I’ve never heard him do this before. He stood the whole time were were on the road, so we were pretty sure he thought we were going to DH’s sister’s house (and buddy), so when we turned off, it must’ve been a disappointment.

We were too weirded out by Igor’s behavior to concentrate on shopping, and rushed through the store,  only grabbing a few things before heading back out.

Igor was fine when we got back to the truck. We packed our findings in the back seat and headed home, the prospect of sushi for dinner making our mouths water with anticipation. We got Rainbow Rolls, Hot Chili Rolls, Smoked Salmon Rolls, and California Rolls for DD. They were delish!! DH started a campfire, and I smell like the great Fall Outdoors- Life is good! 🙂

Back to my knittin’-Later!



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