Woodland Ferns and Lace for E~

I’m working on a Christmas project for a friend, and am almost 2/3rds done!

This one is for E~ who lives across the Big Pond from us and is a fellow Woods Dweller.

The pattern brought to mind ferns, so I am trying a  new color, something ‘woodsy’.

Woodland Ferns and Lace Doily

South Maid Book 364, Special Doilies For Special Times by Coats & Clark Inc

Woodland Lace #1, featured in Ravelry.com

I finished my Mail Lady Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless Gloves to keep your wristies warm

thumb gusset closeup

Checking out for now, back to E’s doily~


Hair Length Updates | November 2009

I’m keeping track of my length for LHC, so disregard this post unless you can find that missing stitch marker somewhere in this mess, you can disregard this personal hair journal

Poodle Woman, 1975

…wait, wrong length shot…

Here we go!

as the color goes away....

shot in the dark

Gray sneaking in

icing on the cake...

and to sum it up for the year:

Hair shots 2009

That just about does it.  Now I’m considering doing without the color and see how long I can hold out.

Let the games begin~


Gifts from the Heart and Magazine Back-Issues

I’m not always clever when it comes to titles for my blogs, so I just mention what I am blogging about. Makes it easier to categorize.

I just got the most precious and wonderful gifts today from a dear friend, and had to share!

Bracelet and Eye Glass/Charms Holder Necklace

DH was up on the ladder today, fixing woodpecker holes-those buzzards have the whole woods and they pick our house to ravage. I spotted, while Igor ran around chasing his ball and pouncing on the neighbor who arrived home unawares.

Igor loves his buddies, but is a chicken when their two Shiz-tsu’s come out to play.  Lily, the little girl Shiz, chases Igor back home and tells him in no uncertain terms, ” STAY IN YOUR YARD!”
It’s too hilarious watching him run from that tiny little dog!!!

Got the bird feeder back out again after 2 years. I was so tired of the cat terrorizing the birds, I didn’t want to invite them into harm’s way. So, we packed it up for a while. Now it seems Miss Pepper isn’t too interested in chasing birds.  She’s just too fat to bother with them anymore, and doesn’t like getting her feeties cold in winter.

I washed and filled the feeder with bird seed we picked up at the local Co-Op. It didn’t take long for the Chickadees to show up.
A neighbor told us if we put about an inch of cat litter in the bottom of the feeder, then fill it with seed, the litter keeps the seed from getting soaked and absorbs moisture. Not sure how that will work when the snow flies, but worth a try.

Now I can watch them through the winter months, as I sit here at my desk. The window looks out at ground level, and is a perfect vantage point for bird, deer and critter watching.

It’s going to be a mild winter, I think. Snow from Thanksgiving day didn’t last long, and it’s turned cold again. It was bound to happen, it is Wisconsin. 🙂

I’m wanting this issue of Vogue, missed it when it was on the grocery store shelf, and now have it saved in my Watched items on eBay-Hope to win it next week if nobody else bids. I want that shawl pattern~

VogueKnitting Spring 2009

I was sent a link to a fellow Blogger today, so I checked her out-a fellow knitter who has visited the Andes ~ WOOT! I will be following her now, in my spare (?) time… 🙂 Enjoy!

stay warm~


Stuffin’ Muffins

These are fun and easy to make and don’t take a lot of time~get the kids involved!


1 bag Brownberry sage and onion stuffing mix.
1 medium yellow onion, diced
2 stalks celery
1/2 cup raisins
1/2 cup Craisins (dried cranberries)
1 cup chicken stock
1 egg

*optional ingredients: finely chopped mushrooms, apples, anything you would normally add to your favorite stuffing recipe.

Place all ingredients together in a large bowl. Beat egg and chicken stock together, and pour into bowl. Mix all together thoroughly until evenly moist; add water as needed.

Spray muffin pan with cooking spray. Using a large ice cream scoop, fill muffin cups to top,  pressing down to form dense “muffin”.  Add one pat of butter to top of each “muffin” and bake in a pre-heated 350° oven for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown. Serve immediately.

Lavender Memories of Mom

And on Sunday, She rested.

I was beat! The events of the past days and weeks finally caught up with me.

Saturday promised to be probably the last good day for cleaning up the remains of the summer, so DH and I got up early and started out fresh.

I pruned back the Ornamental  Crab tree while DH cleaned out the gutters with his new Echo Leaf blower. He was just about done when the extension arm literally BLEW off the end of the machine and flew through the air with the greatest of ease, down 16 feet to the grass below. I was there to watch it fall, but not able to catch it. It fell undamaged, my Orna-crab broke its fall.

I tried my hand at the Wondrous Leaf Blower, it was a very powerful and handy tool. I’m glad DH finally broke down and got it-he had no say, I kept nagging, saying “Just DO IT!”

Sunday, I had biscotti to bake, and a doily to finish for a Christmas gift.  I set to work on the last two rows, and worked between timer beeps, and whipped out both a completed doily and not one but TWO batches of biscotti. I am Power Baker, hear me roar!

Sally Sells Seashells Doily Seashell Ruffle Doily by American Thread Company Star Book No. 143. I hope her namesake likes it 🙂

I ran across this doily while cleaning out the Guest bedroom before DD’s arrival. I had totally forgotten this was in the room, buried beneath some mementos of Mom.

Shades of Pink and Lavender Doily, Star Doily Book No. 104

I made this doily the year Mom redid her bathroom, all in lavenders and lilacs. It sat on her bathroom windowsill until the day I packed everything up before selling the old Home. I can still hear the joy in her voice the day she called to tell me it arrived and how she loved it~

Oxy-clean brought out the faced yellows, and made it brand new again-the pictures do it no justice.

Faded Beauty, Mom's Favorite

a closer inspection

I love the old patterns, can’t get enough of them~ Thank you Mom, for giving me these to share with my friends.

If you’re listening, if you’re still there- I love and miss you, Mom.


Ostrich Plume Lace Capelet Pattern~

I was admiring a fellow Ravely member’s lovely shawl and found this Free pattern: (click to follow link):  Ostrich Plume Lace Capelet Pattern by Celia Ng.

I’ve saved it for future references, the pattern is just lovely~

I’m almost done with Sally Sells Seashells Doily for my dear chat-buddy Sally. She is clueless, I can’t wait to gift this to her!

Sally Sells Seashells Doily

The pattern is from the American Thread Co. Star Doily Book No. 143. I’ve made 4 of these, so far.

Tomorrow looks like a good day for finishing up the last of any yard work. I need to trim back the Ornamental Crab in front, while DH tries out his new Echo Leaf Blower on the gutters. The sun promises to shine, and even if not, we’ll be outside for what remains of our fall.

We went to the store today and picked up a 12 lb.  Jennie-O turkey for next week. DH thinks if the weather is nice, he’ll grill it outside again this year~ there’s nothing like turkey wrapped in bacon on the grill,  and a side of Marinated Potato Wedges.

Marinated Potato Wedges

4 large potatoes, sliced into wedges lengthwise
1 bottle Italian dressing

Wash and prepare potatoes, and then pat dry and place in a casserole dish. Cover with bottled Italian dressing, and set in refrigerator for at least 4 hours ahead.

Grill potato wedges until done, serve and enjoy!

Bon Apetite!

Turkey wrapped in bacon on the grill, and a side of Marinated Potato Wedges

It’s what’s for dinner this Thanksgiving:

Turkey wrapped in bacon on the grill,  and a side of Marinated Potato Wedges

4 large potatoes, sliced into wedges lengthwise
1 bottle Italian dressing

Wash and prepare potatoes, and then pat dry and place in a casserole dish. Cover with bottled Italian dressing, and set in refrigerator for at least 4 hours ahead.

Grill potato wedges until done, serve and enjoy!

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