Happy Halloween! Puppet Show Tonight

Just got back from visit with neighbors~ it’s been quite a while since we were over to visit.

I made 2 loaves of Butternut Squash Walnut Bread and took a loaf to the neighbors’.  I hope she likes it. 🙂 They both stuck to the bottom of the loaf pans a little,  but I think that was the butter and brown sugar in the cooked squash-it caramelized, but was soooooooooo yummy when I peeled it off the spatula!

They wined and dined us, Sharon laid out a nice spread (way too much food) she is the Consummate  Decorator, goes all out for the holidays. I’m embarrassed at my weak attempts, even though we married on Halloween and consider ourselves big Classic Hollywood Horror Film Fans.  We have a “Toy Room” – their house is a virtual art gallery; I want to come home and re-decorate every time I’m there.

She was showing us around her house, prizes she had accumulated, her “finds”, and she pointed out this one item. I immediately recognized it. It was a German crafted hand-puppet she found at an antique store. She said I didn’t want to know what she paid. I didn’t let her finish. When I saw it, it brought tears to my eyes-I had a WHOLE SET of these as a girl. My mom bought them when we were in Germany…I forgot about those until I saw that puppet. I had to wonder then, what-ever did my mom do with those puppets, who ended up with them and did they survive as a set. Probably not, but seeing that one, it brought back memories…….*siiiiiiiiiigh.

So, tonight was a good night. Tomorrow we will get to hang out and watch Greenbay and hopefully get to the heel of LumberJill sock #2~



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