The Falling Leaves, and Remembrances of Home~


Our Favorite Trees, Fall '09

WHEW! I just finished the latest batch of incoming orders, it’s been like the rain today-non-stop, a good thing $$$-wise. 🙂

Writing a Rav-buddy about Meals on Wheels, reminded me of my folks when they had M & W’s coming to their house in Calif, until the day I arrived. We cleaned up what was in their fridge since they’d already paid for a week’s worth, and then cooked for them after that. It’s a wonderful way to extend community to those who can’t get out or are inhibited in any way from venturing out.

My dad did not drive, so when Mom became too addled to drive him to the store, he signed up for Meals on Wheels, it was his blessing, a helping hand when he couldn’t manage everything dumped upon him.

Dad never even wrote a check or paid a bill until Mom became too infirmed, then he had to take over the entire household, and did a wonderful job! Mom was sooooooooo MILITARY, she refused to even let Dad have his paycheck-he handed it over, she deposited it and gave him his weekly “allowance”.  He was a happy camper, especially when she took us to Lake Tahoe to play the slots.

I was too young to go inside the Casinos with them, so until about age 13,  I was deposited at the Kiddy Rec. Area for the day, loved it, saw many a Classic Horror show there and even met Emmett Kelly (Sr), the Clown during a performance for us kids!!  I recall he drew caricatures on a large sketch pad, and signed them for us. I don’t have my copy, wouldn’t that be wonderful!!!

When I was old enough (back then), mom and dad would let me just stay in the car, and I’d bring my art supplies and reading along-I was in HEAVEN up in the Sierra Nevada Mnts for 4-5 hours, it was my Alone Time and being an only child, I was perfectly at peace with my own company. I would go down to the lake and mess around on one of it’s many beaches and pebbled shores, or hike the trails around the casinos, never venturing far.


Fannette Island Teahouse, Emerald Bay 08 ©Susan Suhr


Vikingsholm, Emerald Bay 08 ©Susan Suhr

Nowadays, I’d shoot myself before I would let my child venture out alone like that!!!!

I don’t mean to ramble, but it is that time of year for me, when I get homesick… you just got a ration of my melancholy side this time~ 🙂

Have a lovely evening!

Sentimental Me~


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