New Booklet – TREASURES IN CROCHET No. 296

I picked up a copy of a neat little crochet booklet today. The tablecloth on the back cover is beautiful, like nothing I’ve got in my collection, the Pineapple Tablecloth A-1016.

This pattern first appears in the Elizabeth Hiddleson #18 book, the first pattern in the book, and is called ”Pineapple Lei”. It gives a choice of size 20 thread and size 10 hook for a tablecloth of 66”. If a larger cloth is desired, she says to use a size 10 thread and 9 hook. She used 16 skeins of Daisy Merc Thread. Her book contains several pages of written instructions and enlarged pictures for checking against your work.

I looked up her books in eBay, they are going for quite a lot. I’ll have to watch these, the patterns are beautiful!

Treasures in Crochet No. 296

Treasures in Crochet No. 296

“Pineapple Lei” seen on the back cover, left.

Nat’s car is back from repairs,  runs like a dream. She and I rode over to Walmart in Delavan and we picked out some new rubber floor mats for winter, a new long-handle ice scraper, some windshield washer fluid, and got her all set. What a difference a new transmission makes, Dennis said the car will be good for another 4-5 years if taken good care of.

Back to my LumberJill sock-I’m about 2 inches from binding off the cuff on sock #1. Should be done this weekend.

I made chicken enchiladas for dinner yesterday, they were killer! Recipe to follow~

French bread pizza tonight, comfort food for a cold Friday night.

DH is bonding with the neighbor, showing off N’s car. He’s happy for her too.

G’night, sleep tight~



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