Teh Furnace, She’sa Broke~

The Igniter Module (2nd one since we’ve lived here) is no longer in their Universal Parts manual, so it has to be ordered. They expect to have it installed tomorrow.

This part was 4 yrs old, having been installed after a lightning storm in 2005 melted the old part.

On the upside, the Techy accidently broke another important part, so they will replace that for FREE.

We’re looking at another night with the two space heaters again, but it wasn’t bad last night.  It wasn’t too bad last night, threw on a pile of comforters and fleece blankets, and snuggled in. It’s only going to get down to around 36° tonight. Not like it’s freezing or anything…

Time to get out the Winter apparel, including my favorite wool cap. It’s made of vintage Alpaca wool, inside and out. The ear flaps are an added amenity, and keep the ears warm.

Me Hat

Me Hat

Obviously, this was taken during late-summer. I had just received it from a talented lady up in Canada, who made it for me. It wasn’t long after that,  she went out of business.

A Short Row Heel

I dunno about the “afterthought heel” technique, but my heel looks fine, except for a hole I cannot explain, right at the conjuncture of the heel start. It looks to be a gusset hole if I were doing a normal heel, and I can’t explain how it got there, it’s only on one side. I’m going to sew it up when I get done with the sock, and forget about it. Other than that, it looks pretty much the same as my other heels.

Here’s a pic, and that little dimple you’ll notice, that’s the hole:

Afterthought Heel

Short row Heel

I got about 3 inches worked on the cuff. Moving right along, am going to need those pretty soon, to keep my tootsies toasty.

It was a busy weekend, so back to work! 🙂



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