LumberJill Socks and Snow

WHOOT, it snowed today!

I was mildly surprised to see snow flurries from the kitchen window this afternoon. At first I thought maybe it was falling debris from a neighborhood brush fire, but nobody was burning today.  We have hard freeze warnings out for tonight, and it’s now 31° right now.

DH and I brought in the Garage-Dwelling ginormous cacti to winter over- they are both too big to bring inside the house.

Prickly Pear Tree

Prickly Pear Tree

The other cactus is inherited from my parents’ place, just prior to selling their house.  A long-time neighbor offered to ship it to us from California about 8 years ago.  It came in pieces, the red wagon it resided in for almost 30 years too rusted out to salvage.  The monstrosity is now residing in a long cedar planter and big, spiny pads spill out over the sides, dangerous to be in close proximity to -I think it actually shoots darts at passers-by. Evil Prickly Pear, someday I hope you will bloom again for me.

Having turned the heel on my LumberJill Socks, I’m heading up the cuff now.

LumberJill, starting the cuff

LumberJill sock, starting the cuff

The short row heel turned out fairly well, only one small hole to sew up.

short row heel

short row heel detail

I’m going to look into the “Afterthought Heel” technique in Knitting Up  A Storm,  for the second sock. It’ll be good practice and a new technique to learn, will keep it interesting-and only I will know the difference.

Tomorrow, we’ll stay in. Nats is off work, so I won’t need to take her in and we can just veg and lounge in our camo-sweats. DH is baking Oven-fried Chicken, I’ll make mashed potatoes and buttered corn, and the rest of the time, I’ll be knitting up a storm. I should be able to finish this sock!

Have a Super Sunday!



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