My Name is Blanca, don’t wear it out.

“Life is a highway, I want to ride it all night long…”

I fell off over the weekend-obvious car issues kept me pre-occupado…unfortunately, it got worse instead of better and tonight is finally seeing some light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

To sum it up-we got Nats car on Thurs. afternoon-Art said to take it home and bring the money by on Friday when it was convenient. I, being raised military, had to be up at the crack of dawn, got Natalie up and we were on the way to the bank by 10am. She was off, so there was no rush-I just have to have things in order, and not messing around.

She got home and didn’t even let the thing cool down before she was off again, to show off her new wheels.

Friday she got up to go to work, it was raining, free car wash day, YAY! 4 hours later, she came home, freaking out, saying the car was smoking — whatWhatWHAT??? I went outside and watched with sinking heart as white smoke in the shape of  $$’ signs  billowed forth from under her hood….something smelled fishy in Denmark, as my Mother would say.

I called my son in IN that night-he was at a friend’s house hanging out, but had me send pics via cellphone, all of which was no help-I missed every point he was looking for~ so Saturday and Sunday, I took Natalie to work, heart-broken and then  yesterday afternoon, stopped at the local repair shop on the way home. I noticed someone was there and thought, “why not?”  I talked with the owner, who came highly recommended by several people we knew. He shook his head and said, without seeing the car, “doesn’t sound good, but bring it in and I’ll have a look under the hood”. So we brought it in this morning at 10am sharp-drove it all the way to where his shop was, doing 3 mph….I followed with hazards on, and we let people pass us on the way.

He took one look at the tranny dip stick, and said, “Look at that, it’s suppose to be pink, and it’s BURNT”…………groooooooooannnnnnn.

He asked how much we gave for the car- I told him and he said considering the age and almost perfect shape it was in, we had a steal and the money spent on a tranny would certainly allow her to drive this car another 5-6 years, no problem. So, $2700 total for a car with a new transmission, yeah.  Dennis said is not a bad deal for a car that will last her a good while longer.

While we painstakingly weighted our options,  he gave the car one good look,  and announced, the car was worth every penny, who wouldn’t spend that kind of money on a car that nice, to keep it running. That sealed it for me.

We sat in the Blazer debating what to do-should we call M. and give him the news, or do we just drive back to town and try to salvage what remained of our dignity. I called the Dealer on my cellphone, and he did offer to take the car back and refund her money  if she wanted to trade for something else he had…I said, thanks, but no thanks, we’ll keep it. How could we believe anything else he had to say??? After all the other things he told us the day we looked at the car,  she deserves better, a break. sheesh, she worked for 2 years saving that money up…so we drove Blanca back home. Yep,  she has a name. 🙂

It’s Packers/Vikings night, and we’re getting creamed as I knit/Blog/FB my daughter’s sister and brothers to let them know how things are going for her. That way, we keep in touch.

Here’s to an end to an otherwise sucky day, even if GB gets their butts kicked (30-20 at the 2-minute warning) ~ cya in the morning~ 😀



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