Hello October! There’s Halloween Fun on the Horizon~

Hello, it’s Hump Day, the week is half-over. The month is over and we’re on our way toward Halloween Fun!

I’m in flannels and a fleece vest, brrrrrrrrrr.  It has gotten really chilly here, is only 43 at the current time of 9:15pm. It started getting dark around 6pm….well, the shadows became much longer and the front held that mysterious glow of pre-dusk. The sun is lower in the sky, past the trees to the south of us.  I didn’t get to take Igor for his afternoon walk, work kept me inside tonight. But I’m glad to be finally caught up.

We had a good day, finished posting the last of the orders exactly at 9pm. 5 minutes later, here I am 😀

I’m still working on the LumberJill Socks, almost ready to turn the heel on the first one. I’m not getting far very fast, but haven’t had time to work on them as diligently as I’d like.  We’re expecting my older DD and Baby (R)Honda to make the trip up around Oct. 22, after speaking with her today on Skype. I got to see Miss GigglePuss, who happily bounced on Mommy’s lap while gumming a pink Accent Highlighter (lid on) and dribbling on her keyboard (at least it’s not mine she’s dribbling all over hehee!!!)

I’m going to get started on some Baby Leggings, and try to have them done by the time CJ arrives later this month…whew, I dunno, it’s gonna be a close one. I’ll get what I can done, and can always mail them to her later…

Hope you’re having a nice day, cya tomorrow!


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