Patrick Swayze and Paul Burke.

I can’t explain it but I was more bummed by Paul Burke’s passing last night.

Patrick Dirty Danced his way into my heart, like millions of other moon-struck Plain-Jane housewives, but I never felt more than that for any celebrity.

I was just listening to the news and heard about his passing about a half hour ago. I learned he had pancreatic cancer a while back-it was splashed on some tabloid front page. I’m happy he lived such a full life and he will be loved for years to come, especially for his role in Ghost.

M. and I watch regular local TV hooked up to a converter box-we gave up cable 2 yrs ago when Deadwood’s last season ended and The Sopranos was on it’s last 4 episodes, with no future. Torchwood, (we thought) was also postponed, as well as  Hotel Babylon. When they did away with Hotel, I pulled the plug on Dish, and never looked back.

So we got used to, and fell in love again with the oldies, like Route 66,The Naked City, and One Step Beyond. We watch those faithfully every night from 12:30am to zzzzzzz, and always put the timer on halfway through Naked City.
Paul Burke was a broody charactor, but I liked him. When Mike punched him up on a search about 2 weeks ago, we found he had been in a ton of things we’d seen, just didn’t recognize him in his later years. He was in an episode of Wild Wild West, we saw just last week…I think he must’ve been in his late 50’s then. So, I was bummed that he was still out there but not working…and for some weird reason, I was bummed just thinking of him as an older man…Gosh! I must’ve had a crush on the Adam Flint charactor-he was a looker, actually, just brooding… sort of like having a crush on Mulder of X-files, not someone you’d really want to spend your life with, too depressing to think about actually.

So, it came as somewhat of a shock when we both read on Yahoo tonight that he had died-our favorite broody Detective Flint…

I am nowhere near done with my orders from the weekend, but that’s how it goes when I end up taking a couple sick days. The Orders Fairy didn’t show up last night, so I must find more time tomorrow-after we get back from Napa to find yet another part for the Rider Mower that went KaPut!

I have sewn up gusset holes too, I admit-it seems it is a perrenial problem I hear about in many videos, and everyone has a better solution to the dilema-none of which I have had much success with in my limited experience. My last pair actually didn’t have but one hole on one side, and a small one, so I am not too concerned. Nobody but me will see it and it’s so small, I even had to look for it.. 😎

I’ll be glad to get back to my normal walk routine without being winded after 10 minutes-in time ….I’m not one to let moss grow under my caboose. (I am being polite, my parakeet knows better and doesn’t mind repeating at random times) LOL!

Next blog, happy thoughts and some pictures of finished projects I am rather proud of.




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