Summer Finale~STYX!

STYX Grand Illusion Tour '09

STYX Grand Illusion Tour '09

Nats and I went to the Walworth County Fair last night and saw Styx in concert~ it was amazing! We got there at 3:55 and got in line, didn’t have to wait long, they started letting people in at 4pm. We took our folding chairs and sat up in the track right in front of the stage, about 8 rows back.

I took my knitting along, while N. worked on Word Search pages. The concert wasn’t scheduled to start unit 7:30 but we wanted to get our spot before it filled up, and glad we did-by 7:00 they were packed to the rafters. Most of the people who sat in the bleachers didn’t arrive until about 7:00, then it filled up fast. All uf us on the ground were pretty darn happy with our seats, and we didn’t have to pay for our choice spots~ the center was roped off for the Reserve Seats, but honestly, they didn’t have any better view than we did!

I got my heel turned on the second sock just as the sun was getting lower in the sky behind the grandstands, perfect timing. Then I ran out into the Midway to grab us some egg-rolls from Sue Wu’s of Lake Geneva, before the concert started,  YUMMM!

N. and her BF went back to the Fair today to finish off the festivities and see the fireworks. She loved the concert, it was so fun taking her to her first-EVER concert-she had a riot singing and dancing-

STYX Grand Illusion Tour '09

STYX Grand Illusion Tour '09

“I am the eggman, WHOOOOOOOo! they are the eggmen, WHOooooooooo! I am the walrus, goo goo g’joob!”


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