Mailboxes R Us

It was a dark, cold snowy Sunday night back in October ’08.

We heard the thud, but because it was already dark, we couldn’t see anything from the upstairs window. It sounded for all the world like one of our snow plows had just driven down our street. Given the fact that we had just had our first snowfall of the season, we thought it very strange that a snow plow would be out so soon. We then thought maybe one of the neighbors was dragging their trash cans to the street, hence the dragging sound we heard.

An hour later, our daughter and her BF returned from a dinner outing and informed us of the bad news-our mailbox was laying in the street.  He emphatically told us, “it wasn’t me, I didn’t do it!!!” We went out to investigate, and found not one but two sets of tire tracks in the fresh snow along our ditch leading up to the mailbox. Apparently whoever turned the corner at out street, slid in the newly fallen snow into our ditch and just kept going until they could make it out-on the other side of our driveway, 30 feet down…

The police came out and took a report, stating that anyone trying to turn in a false claim for a struck deer, for example, would have to answer to this report. Of course, no one ever answered the incident. Whoever hit the mailbox, sheared it off at the top half of an 8×8 inch post, side-swiping a newly installed route number sign post about 6 feet to the right of it, in the ditch. The damage must have been spectacular, but  the police officer couldn’t find a single shred of evidence in the ditch or the street, just the tire marks left in 3 inches of snow. (It wasn’t until the following spring during the Melt, when we found the #5 of our 4-digit numbers that had fallen off the mailbox bracket) Miraculously, our beautiful HUGE mailbox was relatively undamaged, amazing! The paper tubes, on the other hand, were creamed and beyond repair. They were just cold enough to make them brittle and folded under the impact.

So we picked up our poor pitiful mailbox and loaded it into the back of our Trailblazer and left it by the side of the garage until we could repair it later.

The snow flew, and we picked up our mail at the PO for a month, waiting for the weather to clear the way for us to install a temporary mailbox to get us through the winter. The ground froze and we still could not get a post reset.  Finally the PO told us we either had to set up a temporary post, or get a PO box for the duration of the winter.

Our neighbor gave us a small mailbox he had laying around, so we stuck it on top of our broken-down post, which leaned at a silly angle. The snow plows came and went, and the box leaned a little further before freezing solidly in place at an odd angle.

Then DH developed upper respiratory problems in late January, that hung on until about mid-June. The recovery was just as excruciatingly long in duration. Finally in  early July, DH had enough energy to start on making a new pole. He got it done and then we waited for a record heat wave to pass, then the rains came…were we EVER going to have our new mailbox?!?

Then it happened-TA-DA!

Our beautiful new mailbox, at last!

Our beautiful new mailbox, at last!

The purple you see at its base is some new-fangled grass seed in what feels like Sushi-style ground bluejeans material 😀

Mailboxzilla in perspective

Mailboxzilla in perspective-I wasn't kidding when I said it was HUGE!


Drop by and leave us a note, we appreciate your patience and you can all put aside the jokes now!



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