Happy Birthday, Sis!

Today is Bonn’s birthday- by now, the Par-Tay should be well underway!

I started this doily as a Christmas present for my BFF,  back in 1992.

Christmas Floral Round, interupted

Christmas Floral Round, interrupted

Life-changes happened, I moved away, and the Doily went with me, all but forgotten until recently.

One day I was digging around in my organized chaos of  projects, both started and completed, and ran across this WIP.

Christmas roses in progress

Christmas roses in progress- now the fun begins!

It was time to finish it and send it off to it’s rightful place at last.

Christmas Floral Round Done!

Christmas Floral Round Done!

The Christmas  Floral Round doily is finally home where it belongs, maybe there will be matching coasters in it’s future….hmmmm?

I hope you like it, Sis- maybe I can get a picture of it where it is now *hint hint 🙂

Me~ xoxoxo

Updated 2/4/2010:

Floral Round Instructions


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