Mommy Socks, Step by Step

I got to work on Mommy’s Socks virtually all day Sunday, in between Krusteaz Lemon Bars, and walks with Igor-

Mommy Sock, day 3

Mommy Sock, day 3

I found a lady on eBay,chappywoman; she has a large assortment of knitting supplies, and great prices,  so I bought 3 pairs of circulars and some #5 DPNs from her last week. I need to get two pairs of size 2 16″ circulars from her, after she gets back from Ravelry Sock Summit Meetup August 8, 2009. I wish I could go!!!!

She also has the 1 inch plastic rings (among other sizes) for the Pineapple Book Marks.

I also got a new book off eBay last week-

Chair Sets Book No. 206

Chair Sets Book No. 206

This is the book which has the pattern for the Pineapple Book Mark I’ve been making for some friends ~

I began making the fan pulls while sitting with my terminally ill Dad, and it helped me keep my sanity during those dismal days. My Life Sis, Susie brought me enough thread and plastic 1″ rings to complete several fan pulls, while I was there. I gave her and her mother, and the Hospice nurse each one, as a token of my appreciation for all they did for me while I was there.

Oddly, the pattern book has since gone missing. It will probably show up now that I have another copy 🙂

A sunflower blessed us today, by blooming in the oddest place-next to our front porch!

Sunflower at my Doorstep

Sunflower at my Doorstep

The days are definitely growing shorter. It’s 8:45pm and the sun has set completely already. Soon it will be time to button everything up in the Fall and then we’ll be ready to hibernate for another winter.

G’night, sleep tight,
don’t let the bed-bugs bite.
If they do, tell them to shoo,
and have yourself a good-night. (I made the last part up…can’t remember how it goes…)



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