Blair Stitch Project | Mommy Socks

I started my second pair of socks~ I had some  Bernat Baby Jacquards Berries and Cream yarn left over from Baby Rhonda’s assorted booties and hatties I made for her last April. Preemie knits take absolutely no yarn to make and I have nearly a whole ball left.

The pattern is easy, and was taken from a 1950 World Editions Magazine, Knit ‘n’ Purl (cover missing) Men’s Cable Socks, page 27. I’m going to gift them to my oldest daughter, so she can have matching “Mommy Socks” like her baby girl’s!

Blair Stitch Socks

Blair Stitch Socks

Blair Stitch Project

Blair Stitch Project -I see Spooky Socks

I have been itching to learn cable knit, so that when I’m ready, I can make this sweater:

Long Textured Cardigan-Mary Maxim

Long Textured Cardigan Item Nos. 4819, 4820

I’m tempted to get the kit (Starlett yarn and pattern)-at only $29.99 + $9.95 S & H, that’s a great deal for a long knit cardigan.

I’m also eyeballing this pattern:

Cabled Hoodie Item No. 4803

Cabled Hoodie Item Nos. 4803, 4804


back to meh socks, going to have to bone up on cable twist, right, left, upside-down, every-which-way-but-loose techiques!

Teh To-Do List keeps getting longer, and lonnnnger and lonnnnnnnnnnger!



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